💿 How Good Is It Really 💿 Hot Fuss

I have that I think. Have all the 7"s and 12"s from the first 3 or so albums.
At one point when me and Mrs TWI combined our music collections we had 2 CD copies of Hot Fuss, 2 different LP versions and the 7" box version of Hot Fuss.
Bloody hell lol

I worked as a Christmas temp in MVC in 2004 so if you think you’ve heard this album too many times then you can add at least 4 plays per shift for three months, try to sympathise with me when I say that I’d gladly never hear a single track off this again, and if I were in a situation in which I might have to sit through the entire thing, I would leave.

The CD player in MVC only had one tray, and no shuffe. All good will I had for the band, like the preceding singles could not possibly compete with how many times I’ve had to involunarily listen to this album.

I like the artwork, so 2.


they played in my local park 2 years ago, i had no interest in going to see them but i was having a sit in the park as it was a nice evening and heard them starting up with Jenny Was a Friend of mine so i had a walk over to the other side of the park to have a closer listen to a few tracks. was kinda nice to hear Jenny and Somebody Told Me live (for free) given how much i loved those tracks as a 15 year old

got bored after a while and went home


Not far enough, the Thin White Duke Mix or the Thin White Duke Dub Mix? (I say both!)

Just the regular Thin White Duke Mix, I don’t think I have heard the Dub remix but I’ll have a listen!

Aye its crazy to think how long they’ve been going now.
My wee nephew and his mates went. He would have been 3 when Hot Fuss came out and he was telling me he was going and I was like ‘aye first time I saw them must have been 15 years ago now’ and he was like “FIFTEEN Years!”.
Aye thanks for making me feel old kiddo!


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Love the percolating synths at the start of the Thin White Duke Mix, the Pet Shop Boys are big fans of it too

I think for me the stuff I remember, the singles were as @McGarnagle says, really well put together songs but I hated them. They all sounded like they’d been made by people who didn’t care about drums or rhythms.

I’ll be interested to see if I still feel that way now, but all I recall is how very very on the beat and a very dull beat at that, Mr Brightside was. Which is a shame because the vocal melody is, really good, that line about his eagle eyes abd stuff is a nice lyric in fact. It just feels like an X-Factor production of a much better song.


Christ they came racing out the barn with those first 5 tracks didn’t they. Put that run of songs on for a barbecue in the sun with a few beers and it will still hold up. Shame about the rest which I’ve almost entirely forgotten. Think even the NME review at the time (who’d hyped them to high heaven after The Strokes) caved in for a 7/10 as they couldn’t even argue for the second half.

haha they really ripped that off wholesale.


Action Man,
The greatest hero of them alllll

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Holds a fair bit of sentimental value for me, this one. It came out during a brilliant time in my life where I’d just left uni and was working a temporary evening job in my local Tesco with a lovely gang of people just before moving to London to do my Masters that September. I ended up playing it on repeat while packing my stuff the evening before the move, just before my best mate came over to pick me up and we went out for one last drinking sesh. He passed away suddenly a couple of years ago and I always think of him and that evening whenever I hear this album.

ANYWAY. Ridiculously front loaded to the point where I can’t in good conscience give it more than a 6. 9/10 for the first half though, without a doubt.

Prefer the version of Glamorous Indie… that made it onto Sawdust.

Sam’s Town is the better album - but then I’m a way bigger Springsteen fan than I am a Smiths / New Order fan.


gonna listen to see if the 6/10 score I’ve awarded was correct


Really enjoyable. Deserves its success. Dont love it and will get an unfair kicking

Going to go with a 8

The sirens and choppers blaring while he’s clearing up take this video to a whole new level.


Went for a 7. Formative album, some top tier tunes. Clever of them to put the best song they’ve ever written first on their first album (Jenny).

Mr Brightside is possibly a perfect song, loved it back in the day at indie discos or as the obligatory ‘indie’ song in other club nights. But I would be happy to never hear it again due to the fact it has never gone away and I’m so tired of it.

Keep forgetting “hot fuss” isn’t a pun on “hot fuzz” and that in fact “hot fuzz” is a pun on “hot fuss”

Well done Edgar


Yes, you need that preamble over Alan wiping plates with a stuffed Beefeater bear to really appreciate the bass when it comes. So satisfying.


My 12 year old self remembers rlly enjoying it before the whole ridiculous overpaying thing happened

Smile Like You Mean It is a banger thx

Easily the least interesting of the big indie bands that were everywhere when I was in Uni. Despite that because it was so ubiquitous I’ve accidentally developed a soft spot for a few of the tracks.

6, although at least two of the points are for nostalgia and the fact that if Mr Brightside comes on when I’m drunk I will, to my intense shame, end up singing every single word.