💿 How Good Is It Really 💿 Hounds Of Love

can’t wait for the mr blobby gif

Never heard the album before today. I never really had it in my head that Kate Bush was someone I might like, although the last couple of years I have been wondering about that.

I’ve grown to enjoy the singles and was finding it quite a pleasant listen then came Waking the Witch and what the fuck was that!?? I mean that in a good way.

Will keep listening to it all week. It’s definitely got some strong moments. Probably a 7 at the moment for me, but we’ll see.

Going to vote Waking the Witch as my favourite track for now, but it’s definitely not the best song so I’ll probably change my mind at some point.

As for next week, Funeral is one of my favourite ever albums, and I love Illinois but feeling like I should go Mezzanine as I never really listened to it very much and it probably warrants another go. Probably depends what kind of a week I have…

Always wanted to like KB more than I actually do. Just find the production too tiring to listen to.

But HoL is the exception, think it’s great.

I want to give it 10 but actually I can’t stand Jig of Life and I’ve tried and want to but just can’t like Waking the Witch.

So 9 I think.

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properly bawled my eyes out for ‘and dream of sheep’

well most of it tbh


Aggregation is a good way of ensuring everything in its right place I guess…



she’s pretty bonza

I’m gonna wait till the first mention of the T word.

only a matter of time til xylo sees the thread

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  • Hounds of Love
  • The Ninth Wave

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Always found this album mostly mediocre with some vocal eccentricites which elevated it


I mean… at least 8/10

Fair play - it’s a lot more experimental than I expected it to be in the second half. A couple of naff bits on there hold it back, but naffness is sometimes the price of being willing to try weird shit out.

Still prefer the Futureheads cover, but that’s very much a right age / right time / right place thing and I appreciate that the original is probably objectively superior.

Cracking album, Gromit


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but if you ask yer average lad or lass in the street, they will say “Hounds of Love”. My point was that’s all their remembered in the mainstream for

yeah, maybe, it’s an album I assume that had a pretty high turnout @JohnM?

lovely stuff

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Yeah, second most votes behind definitely maybe. Although I was a bit disappointed it didn’t crack the 200


Listened to it for the first time this afternoon. Really struggled with a lot of it. There’s a few great songs on there but nothing to make me want to go back to it so I’ll abstain on this one.

A great big walloping hug of a record. Incredible singing and composition. 10.

Still just prefer Aerial but it’s close. Can’t believe I saw her tbh.