💿 How Good Is It Really 💿 Hounds Of Love

never heard this record or any kate bush beyond her top few tracks. never too late, i’ll go on on it this week.


Definite ten out ten - a wonderful, deep, endlessly fascinating record. I sometimes feel that I don’t quite ‘get’ Kate Bush - something in her Home Counties, middle class kookiness grates on me slightly even as I recognise her genius - but Hounds of Love is an exception to this. It is all of the things that are great about her and none of the slightly irritating stuff.

For best song I’ve voted for Mother Stands for Comfort which doubtless no-one else will - what a wonderful little song and how amazing is Eberhard Weber’s bass?

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Don’t know if it’s already been discussed but reckon you should add artist name to the albums in the table. Unless you don’t want to.

Would be a bit weird listening to this streaming or on CD I reckon.
Really lends it’s self well to the physical format of vinyl or tape as the two sides are very distinct and even if you wanted to listen to the whole thing in one go the time to change to The Ninth Wave side is a wee breather before a different musical trip.

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I’m just really getting into this after really liking Aerial earlier in the year. Agree with above in that I always assumed she wasn’t for me but turns out that’s bullshit, she’s influenced so many if my favourite female artists (Goldfrapp, Joanna Newsom…).

Also I don’t normally like 80’s sounding stuff but this is both very 80’s yet timeless, as also said above.

Really good pop and high art creativity…everything I like and done well


I will do it tomorrow



I went too, on a night that nearly got cancelled because of a power cut but in the end it started about an hour and a half late and they offered refunds to people who had booked trains home. Really wish they’d realise the film of those shows, they shot two nights.

Given what your favourite two albums of hers are, you must have been beside yourself with the setlist.

Just couldn’t believe it. It was like it was tailor made for me. Still get a bit emotional about it.


Apparently she wasnt happy with the visual recordings which is why it was only ever released as audio. I should really get round to listening to that.

I hadn’t read that but assumed it was the case, there couldn’t really be another explanation. I just hope one day they can do something with it to make it something she can get behind, because it’s clearly not going to be repeated.

Back to back 10s for me.

Cloudbusting is a Top 5 all time song.

The Hounds of Love vs The Ninth Wave vote above is a real tough one. Leaning towards the latter but only just. Would also struggle to pick between The Ninth Wave and An Endless Sky if Honey.

Such a shame she wasn’t content enough with the visual recording of the recent(?) dates otherwise we’d get to relive The Ninth Wave on DVD.

The Morning Fog is my second favourite song, feel bad it hasn’t a single vote.

Edit : had the above written an hour ago but didn’t post it for some reason. I now see others covered the disappointment over no DVD.

10/10-est album there is for me. A late 20s Kate Bush obsession came as a surprise. This was the second album of hers I picked up after the debut. Was living in Norwich and seeing someone in London at the time - sountracked a lot of late night National Express journeys, which now seems the perfect state to listen to it in. Just brilliant song writing, an amazing voice and really inventive.

Went to the first night of the Hammersmith Apollo shows and got pretty emotional at all of it. Was really happy she did all of the 9th Wave stuff… Even with the cheesy bit with her son acting.

Tbh i can see why. Some of it was amazing, but some was a bit am dram.

10/10 from me in spite of Jig of Life. I seem able to come back to this album over and over.

Seeing her live was one of my life highlights. As a bonus we saw Steve Cram at the bar.

Never clicked despite trying countless times. Can appreciate why it’s so revered by many but it ain’t happening for me. 7/10

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Oh that reminds me:

Probably a 9 from me.


Listening now. I hadn’t realised this came out in 1985 and was her 5th album. I think my view of her was that she’d released all these hits in the late 70s and then pretty much disappeared and been revered ever since.

I guess my mum wasn’t much of a fan because otherwise 85 was exactly when she would play a lot of albums like this. I mean Peter Gabriel’s “So” was always on as was Graceland, and it feels very much in that same ballpark.

This :arrow_up:

I like Jig of Life (shut up)