💿 How Good Is It Really 💿 It's A Shame About Ray

Ok, that’s mildly freaky as I had the title track playing in my head yesterday and was thinking to myself “why has this song come unbidden unto me?” and it turns out my future-brain was giving me signals, which is something I reckon Evan Dando would appreciate.

It’s a beautiful, understated little album that I haven’t listened to in too long, but I reckon the moment I put it on it’ll be like getting a hug from an old friend. I have some very fond memories of sitting in the common room at school singing songs off it alongside my mate who could play them on the acoustic guitar he brought in on occasions (probably music lesson days, thinking about it). Rudderless and Drug Buddy were our favourites but of course we also did Mrs Robinson because honestly why wouldn’t you but it probably sounded more like the S&G version anyway. I really wish we’d recorded some.

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Much patcher album but come on… is the one I reach for these days.

Yeah great songs just needs a little editing.

My version has Miss Otis Regrets as a secret bonus track and I never realised it wasn’t on all versions, it’s a nice little coda.

It was one of the b-sides to Into Your Arms along with Little Black Egg and Learning The Game. A cracking little EP that


Comfortably a 9. For someone with a reputation for rambling on and being on another planet generally, he didn’t half do a good job of making a concise album without a wasted minute.


just gave it a listen through. A very enjoyable 7, would happily listen to it any time but also doubt it would ever occur to me to specifically listen to them. Nice and light and sweet

pick Madonna you wimps


It’s ok. Bit lightweight really, doesn’t really compare with some of the other albums that have been in these threads.

Great record, soundtracked one summer (2002 possibly) when I was in the throws of my first love and things were very rosey.

Did anyone else first hear My Drug Buddy via Trigger Happy TV?

And if you vote for The National over Madonna I swear to god.

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Thanks that’s helped me decide votes for The National


A compelling argument.

Ordinarily I’d vote for Come On Die Young but it’s already being discussed in the Mogwai Listening Party thread. Up The Bracket is a nailed on 1 so fuck that, ITAOTS is fucking memes and Boxer is just going to get an unfair kicking.

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Fuckin bring it on :fist:

I enjoy its highlights a lot. Jist don’t think it quite nails it a third of the time 7

We spent last week talking about CODY in the Mogwai thread.:smiley:

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Got to the 3rd song and was really bored. See you next week.

Well exactly, that’s partly why I’ve gone boxer, but mostly just to annoy @roastthemonaspit

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You’re very mean Sev!

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