How good is it really? January

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Are we basing this on your average January, or the one this year? I had a very much above average January this year, you see.

Pros -
Bit of time off?
snowboarding perhaps?

Cons -
Christmas decs still up
Back to work!!!
Oh god it’s january


I actually really like January:

  • get the house nice and clean after having had Christmas tree/cards/tat up for much of December
  • zero pressure to socialise
  • crisp Saturday mornings for going walking
  • nights start to get a little shorter towards the end
  • there’s usually still some chocolate hanging about in the house. Maybe some nuts too
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It’s in my top 12



I have my birthday in January and it is BULLSHIT. Everyone is broke, nobody is drinking, it’s freezing cold. Hate it. Stupid month.

HBJ for last January

Heart break joke?

Thanks mate, my half birthday is on the 14th July feel free to buy me a gift

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could do a list of pros for January but they’re all outweighed by having to go back to work after Christmas, so it’s a 1 for me I’m afraid.

Half birthday isn’t a celebration. It’s the furthest point from your birthday, it’s where people are allowed to be as horrible to you as they like.

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10/10. would like more


That’s the case if you get a summer birthday. I got a winter birthday so I deserve a nice time. Might have a BBQ. Turning 31 1/2 only happens once, y’know.

If I was there I would be really nice to you and bring you a cake as that is the horriblest I can possibly be to you xx

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Really think this franchise is running out of ideas

I’m looking forward to How Good Was It Really: How Good Was It Really?

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My half birthday was last Wednesday and NO ONE remembered. it was the saddest I’ve ever been.

Sadly deletes how good was it really: brands of shower gel