How good is it really? January

*adjusts glasses*

Easter is linked to the Passover, which is in turn linked to the spring equinox and the first full moon thereafter. He was 33 when he died, but we don’t know for definite when he was born. There are historical events that point towards a birth date around 7BC to 4BC (the demise of Herod the Great; a comet that could have been the Star of Bethlehem; the alignment of two planets that could have been the same). But nobody really knows. And seeing as we celebrate Christ’s birth on a date nicked from a pagan festival, I don’t think it really matters.

Well yes, I kind of knew that, but didn’t care enough to remember the full details. Your final point about it being nicked from pagan festivals is the only thing that matters to me, going to highlight the fact that organised religions really ought to be a bit tolerant since actually they have so much in common.

:+1:Birthday month for me
January sales and that?

:-1:Cold weather
Chapped hands
Trying to persuade miserable people who don’t have birthdays in January to celebrate with you