💿 How Good Is It Really 💿 Kid A

Illmatic into third with 8.7

This week is Radiohead - Kid A. Anybody heard this one?

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Best track:

  • Everything In Its Right Place
  • Kid A
  • The National Anthem
  • How To Disappear Completely
  • Treefingers
  • Optimistic
  • In Limbo
  • Idioteque
  • Morning Bell
  • Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Position Album Rating
1 Spirit Of Eden 9.06
2 Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven 8.80
3 Illmatic 8.70
4 It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back 8.51
5 Marquee Moon 8.47
6 The Sophtware Slump 8.45
7 Spiderland 8.44
8 Loveless 8.24
9 100 Broken Windows 7.97
10 Turn On The Bright Lights 7.91
11 The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill 7.54
12 Definitely Maybe 5.90

5/10 - just to balance out all the incorrect 10s that are going to be popping up


Next week’s album:

  • Marvin Gaye - What’s Going On
  • Kate Bush - Hounds Of Love
  • The Magnetic Fields - 69 Love Songs
  • AC :zap: DC - Back In Black
  • PJ Harvey - Let England Shake

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Not a huge 8, but an 8 nonetheless. Probably has the best opening bars of any album ever


I think Idioteque might be Radiohead’s best song


Straight 10 (sorry @JaguarPirate)

One of my all-time favourite albums. It blew my mind at the time and I still love every little second of it.


Well it was nice playing lads but this is going top and staying there

You are correct.

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8 I reckon

one of my favourite live videos (but goddamn 360p)

You almost forget just how big a deal it was at the time when they released this record even though Ok Computer had made it clear the direction they were going in.
Considering how old it is now it still sounds so fresh.

It’s a fucking immense record. 10


Really surprised at the lack of love for The National Anthem. So good


Torn over scoring it TBH. Live it was better than on record. I’ve always respected what it stands for and what it achieved more than I’ve enjoyed listening to it.

I do really like it now, although I found it pretty dull on first listens before I saw it performed.

I think I’ll give it a 9. Maybe I’ll come back and make it an 8 though.

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Testament to how good the other tracks are that overall it’s a 10 despite Treefingers being a 1

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Very clear and easy 10 from ya boy Tunes. Immense record, from the opening mood-setting bars of EIIRP right through to the stark, painful and haunting MPS. Wouldn’t change a thing about it, it’s solid the whole way through.

Love it love it love it 10.

absolutely tainted with bias and nostalgia and personal memory et cetera

but fuck it



10, and one of my top 10 all timers, maybe number one.

Certainly no other album has made such an impression on me. Came out when I was 18 and had just left home to go to uni, and this album was a very large part of shaping my tastes at that age. I was already a big Radiohead fan having hungrily consumed everything Britpop adjacent in the mid to late 90s, but this really laid the path for my tastes in electronic and experimental music. Went to a pre-release listening night at King Tuts as well, can’t imagine any other time in my life I’d go to a ticketed event to listen to an album.