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Really don’t get the love for Idioteque, my friend is always shocked when I say this too but I just find it quite cliched, too long and the chorus is really anticlimactic to me, thom has an especially mewling delivery on the vocals there too which doesn’t help.


Gone with a 9 as it’s their best album conceptually but still think Ok Computer and The Bends have better songs.

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Probably the closest they got to sounding like an average 00s indie band


I remember at the time the main appeal was the drum beat which I think is in 5/4 or something like that? Maybe I’ve just heard that beat so many times it’s not actually able to carry the track for me anymore.

Still, not the worst Radiohead song that’s reserved for something like myxomatosis

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EIIRP is one of the best album openers ever, and the opening four tracks generally are just incredible. But the second half of the album, Idioteque aside, doesn’t do a whole lot for me, I think whoever said they prefer individual tracks to the album as a whole upthread had it about right.

Difficult one to score. Probably still gonna be an 8 or so.

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I’ve been listening to this album semi regularly for 13 years now and while not my favourite RH album it’s the one I return to the most. Find it really entrancing and never really gets old.



Yeah. It’s probably fine then. I was thinking more those who don’t like it probably rate it lower than those who like it would rate early stuff so as a PJH average it would get lower.

Once we’ve done it I will start average threads for each album to see though. Would interest me!

nailed on 10

clearly a 10

Weird one for me. I only listened to for the first time shortly before they headlined Glastonbury the other year (very bad gig lol), thought it was really good and was impressed with it, but after maybe 5 or 6 listens over a period of a couple of months decided I’d have enough of it and will probably never intentionally put it on again. Still think it’s good like, just that it’s the sort of thing I don’t think I’ll ever be in the mood for. You can’t put it on as background music, you can’t really listen to it on the train because outside noise would wreck it (also regular train travel is over now), you have to set aside time to sit down and listen to it, and if I’m doing that I’m just going to listen to something else I like more. Gave it an 8.

Solid ten for me. I still remember the first time I heard it - before the advent of downloads (for me at least) and I got the CD for Christmas. It had snowed that year and I transferred the whole thing onto a mini disc so I could take a walk with it, as I was trying to lose weight.

It was probably the first proper electronic album I’d ever heard, coming from a very Indie Rock type background. I loved it from the first note, the thick key boardy sounds, then the distorted vocals, etc.

As an album it really has it all - evocative, unique atmosphere, bangers like EIIRP and Idioteque, sweeping, cinematic soundscapes like HTDC and amazing all time Radiohead album closer in Motion Picture Soundtrack.

That last track started playing just as I turned back onto my road at the conclusion of my walk, and as the harp strings started playing I couldn’t believe how pretty and transporting it was. A rare album for me where I wouldn’t change a single thing.


that’s their other best song Bam!!


How did you first listen to it?

  • In bed listening to Radio 1 with headphones
  • Dodgy mp3 leak
  • When it’d been released
  • Never heard it

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ah I really dislike it, meandering nonsense bassline that never resolves properly, sounds completely throwaway to me

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It’s good obviously but nowhere near as good as some people say.

I admire them for being willing to throw away a successful blueprint and do something less obviously commercial and they absorb and reflect back their influences skilfully whilst retaining their core identity.

For some reason though I’ve never really connected with it properly- I don’t have the emotional reaction to it that I do to their earlier, more direct records and neither do I get the thrill that I get from listening to the more experimental people they had obviously been listening to (Autechre, Aphex Twin, Can, 70s Miles etc, etc). I’ve come back to it repeatedly over the years to see if I would connect with it but it’s never happened for me.

I get that for lots of people it’s a perfect synthesis of those two things but for me it always seems more that each dilutes the other and I’d rather go back to the source, I suspect you probably experience it differently if it served as your introduction to those influences, which wasn’t the case for me.

Given it an 8 but that’s possibly a little generous for my purely subjective relationship with it.

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I first heard it properly after it’d been released (a few years after it’s been released actually) but I’d heard the clips of songs that were played constantly on MTV2 before it was released. Anybody else remember those?

I’ve listened now.

Kind of leaves me where I thought I was with Radiohead tbh. Objectively I understand that it is really good but I just don’t have any desire to listen to it again.

Think I’ll work my way through their albums at some point as it seems silly not to actually know their music. At least it’s a pretty concise core back catalogue.

Seemed like one of the duller tracks to me but that’s based on one listen so maybe unfair.

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The National Anthem totally sounded like it could have been by the band that did Tomorrow Never Knows or Strawberry Fields to me.