💿 How Good Is It Really 💿 Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space

Ten out of ten out of ten.


One point deducted for him being a massive try-hard-cum-junkie-poet

I think ‘Lazer Guided Melodies’ has quite a bit in common with ‘A Storm in Heaven’. They don’t sound like each other, however, i can imagine there would have been an overlap of fans around 1992/93. Didn’t Verve support Spirtualized in 1992? Isn’t that where Ashcroft met Kate Radley?

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We’re talking about LAGWAFIS though. And theos comparison seemed way off to me.

My wife walked down the aisle to the Elvis version of Ladies and Gentlemen so you could say I have a bit of a weak spot for the band. :smiley:


brb gonna vote ‘The Individual’ as best track

seriously though, that’s the molten core of the album

also, that tune into ‘Broken Heart’ is one of the greatest segues on any album

similar to ‘With Portfolio’ into ‘R U Still in 2 It?’


When the bass comes in on that track it’s one of the best moments of the 70 minutes.

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The Abbey Road version of Broken Heart is so good. It just makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry.

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right? right!

those two tracks are the two extremes of the pain Spaceman was going through. pure, fucked up anger into utter dejection. incredible.

‘The Individual’ itself is a distillation of the free jazz intensity running through the whole thing. I feel like if you don’t like that, you’re missing something of the album’s greatness.


Ah, that’s lovely!

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I only truly connected with the album when I stopped wanting it all to be dreamy and embraced the gospel/jazz/rhythm and blues elements.

it taps into the intertwined history of those musics and heroin abuse. fucked up noisy squalls as an expression of emotion/feeling too intense for more polite genres.

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Same, but not the Elvis version because it was 19 years ago and the Elvis version was still an elusive myth at that time.

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well I suppose jazz is no ‘Little Drummer Boy’

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Kinda bad in spots. Mostly dull


Absolutely. He did some gigs years ago as Spiritualized Acoustic Mainline where he just played acoustic guitar with a keyboard player, a string quartet and a trio of gospel singers and that format just really emphasised those aspects. It was a fucking jaw-droppingly good gig. His voice was really strong as well.

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Who with?

Her dad, he was the one giving her away.

Have to give this one a 10 I reckon. Partly because it’s got so many great songs, but fundamentally because it is so totally An Album, that works in sequence and as a whole, with a consistent theme and narrative. And the packaging! Title track is one of the best opening songs to an album, and Cop Shoot Cop is a perfect closer in that it is really long and noisy.

The free jazz / noisy sections are really well deployed actually, and were probably one of the first times I heard that kind of thing. Interestingly I have had very little connection with any other Spiritualized albums, which seem pretty hackneyed and played out (sorry Spaceman). Here though, it’s all perfect.