💿 How Good Is It Really 💿 Master Of Puppets

This seems like a good crowd to ask - what did you think of last year’s Mr Bungle album?

I loved it.


Thought it was brilliant, tonnes of fun


Really great. Thanks for reminding me to listen to it again.


Listening again and trying to concentrate particularly on the drums.

The mushy production doesn’t really help but it still sounds fine to me. :man_shrugging:

I guess I don’t know metal enough to really judge this sort of stuff. I flicked over to Leviathan and yeah Brann Dailor is probably better, certainly I think he’s more fun and intense, but I don’t think Lars sounds bad just not top level like this.

The production is of its time and to me sounds fine.

Lars gets a lot of criticism because of the things he comes out with verbally in interviews, etc, but I’ve always found him really enthusiastic and genuine to his core, he is intense and might have a few issues, but hey so do we all. Try not to focus on him and take in the whole deal of this album, for it is a fine, fine record.

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Sure, I just mean that it’s not as crisply separated as I’d like to really ‘hear’ the drums. I’m used to very modern productions, like Kvelertak’s Crack of Doom where you really hear all the drums very individually within the mix.

I’ve never tried to isolate the drums, I like how sharp the production sounds, but get that it isn’t the best of productions, but hey. Lars gets a lot of stick, Napster, etc, and he kind of deserves some of it. There are better drummers but for Metallica, in 1986, I have no issues with the sound and his performance at all. Not meaning to dodge this chat but off to bed here. Metallica without Lars is kind of unthinkable and for a drummer to get so much attention, even for some wrong reasons, kudos to him.


This is it. Not the best drummer, but absolutely the right man for this band. Les Claypool auditioned for Metallica, and he’s probably my favourite bassist, but thank god they didn’t give him the gig.


Sometimes think about what this would have sounded like, and it could not have been good


Oh wow, hadn’t noticed that either :dizzy_face:


Still think Hetfield is singing “in Mordor” on The Thing That Should Not Be even though I know he’s not

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7.98 for Master of Puppets

@ericVII can you choose a track that isn’t Master Of Puppets please?





A very good choice sir, thank you

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VU & Nico.

Interesting. Not sure I’ve ever heard the whole thing through, certainly not to sit and listen. Or if I have I never loved it enough to recall.

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Too busy starting your own band?


I forgot to do a write up about how good MoP is :smiley:

Looking forward to The Velvet Underground. Haven’t listened to it in years.

I have no idea what this means, sorry

pretty respectable score considering how badly they fared in HGATR

glad to see DiS isn’t totally misguided


There’s a story about people who saw The VU that every one of them went out and started a band.