💿 How Good Is It Really 💿 Pet Sounds

100% this


Ten and a bloody half.

Tried a few times, but think this is pretty overhyped

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I own two Beach Boys albums, of which this is one. List me a few more I should play.

The best of

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Surfs Up

The proceed 10 (!) albums are quite standard surf rock fare, but Beach Boys’ Party is an interesting one, it’s recorded to give the impression that it’s a live take at a party so there’s background chatter throughout.

Nice version of You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away by Dennis Wilson on it


Thank you. I’ll give these all a go!

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Think I borrowed the tape from the library and it had the same effect on me as the other album it spars with for greatest ever made (Sgt Pepper) Played once and never again. Waste of 50p.

Most of the songs are very good indeed but packaged together as an album the cumulative effect is just too cutesy and sweet for me. I can feel my teeth crumbling by the time we’re halfway through. 9 or 10 for most of the tracks in isolation, 5 for the album.


Never heard it. No idea how.

I guess it’s one of the canonest of canon albums, but as others have said, it deserves it. For me probably the best 60s ‘classic’ album.

Poor mans weezer


Very vaguely remember hearing some Beach Boys in the car as a child, but I only listened to Pet Sounds many, many years later. I was also made to sing Sloop John B at school which didn’t endear it to me, as I am the worst singer in the world and fucking hate singing in public. I’d even mouth words in a carol service, that’s how much I hate singing. (Unless Im on my own and the music is sufficiently loud that I can’t hear me murdering it.)

Still, I liked the album a lot more than I expected to, but it hasn’t been one I’ve returned to much. Will give it a few goes this week and see how it feels now.

I can appreciate it more than I like it. If that makes sense.

Though talking about this reminds me. One of my all time favourite things to watch are those 1hr, 1hr 30 documentaries that tell the story of how an album was recorded. Really going into each song, how the spark of the idea came about, how the sounds were created in the studio and all of it coming together. They always have the original band and producers etc.

I’ve seen one on this, and two different ones on Sgt Pepper. And as a non musician myself, it seems like what is essentially magic.

It’s ok. Cannot fathom it’s mythical status but it seems that it either floors you or not.


Need to listen to this album. Never thought I’d be into the Beach Boys but holy cow the songs I’ve heard of it are ridiculously ahead of their time

as over rated as sgt peppers. yeah there is still some great stuff on it but a lot of it is just boring. 6


I’m a musician but it still seems like magic to me

I will expand on this later cos I am late going downstairs for my housemates birthday…

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Will give this a listen. I seem to recall trying previously and very much not thinking it was for me but it was probably at least 10 years ago.

Terrible. Makes me feel ill. Legit 1/10