💿 How Good Is It Really 💿 Rounds

Another mid-table entry as Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space lands with 8.20


This week is Four Tet - Rounds. How good is it really?


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Best track:

  • Hands
  • She Moves She
  • First Thing
  • My Angel Rocks Back And Forth
  • Spirit Fingers
  • Unspoken
  • Chia
  • As Serious As Your Life
  • And They All Look Broken Hearted
  • Slow Jam

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No next album poll, I’m choosing the next one so look out!

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I’m going to guess it’ll be something cheesy and METAL.

(Or else some massive album has an anniversary next week.)

This is due a relisten from me, but it was pretty much a lightbulb moment in my head in terms of realising how creative you can be with samples and a computer / and along with stuff like the Microphones and Mount Eerie and Grouper, hearing how music made in yr bedroom can imaginatively stretch far far faaaarrr beyond those four walls

It’s a nice companion with Endtroducing in terms of hearing a looser freer interpretation of that same sorta framework


I never really thought of it that way. I can’t even recall how I came to hear it I just remember people saying I should and I really liked it. The thing is it’s so long ago it came out I assume I must have bought it based on the advice alone.

Big memories of listening to this over and over while revising for university exams. Perfect level between engaging and background. Hard to pick a song on it as its all gold but I have a soft spot for Spirit Fingers and its glitchy plucked sample.

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Really great. The sounds are so lush and vibrant. The sort of album you can have on in your headphones walking about somewhere and it would make you pick out that extra bit of colour, spot those extra bits of light. It’s really well composed and beautifully structured, understated but rich and textured. And it’s exactly what I want to listen to right now, so thanks


I don’t know the album at all so this will be a good chance to listen to it and I think the sunshine will help a lot. :smiley:

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oooh, you’re good


One of my first forays away from boring indie music, I remember buying this and feeling very pleased about how wide-ranging my taste in music was. I don’t think I ever really fell in love with it, but I’ve always enjoyed it, it’s more than pleasant enough. Solid 7/10.

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Liked Pause and Rounds at the time but probably not as much as I wanted and haven’t stuck subsequently. 6/10.

It’s going to be interesting to listen to it again with a mind to rating it.

I did put it on fairly recently (maybe Four Tet were on HGATR) and I enjoyed it but my gut says it’s not going to be above an 8.

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I can put on pretty much anything by Four Tet and it’s always a pleasant listen, but I can’t say I’ve ever thought of any of the albums are being true greats. I listened to this a few times recently and again it’s a nice listen, but mostly washes over me. Not that it’s a bad thing - but it just doesn’t strike me as being particularly memorable or essential.

Currently a 7 but will give it a few more listens this week and see what happens.

The origional Tori Amos sample version of Unspoken is so much better.

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I listened to it a couple of years ago when I had a cd clear out and I found it kind of underwhelming but I was kind of skipping through my collection pretty swiftly so I may not have given it a proper chance tbf.

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Might give it another try but Four Tet has never really done much for me. Just always felt a bit tame and flat compared to other electronic stuff I heard first.

great album isn’t it

don’t have much to say about it but it’s very good


Definitely my favourite Four Tet album and was a useful gateway into electronic music.

Don’t think he’s ever released a truly amazing album but is pretty consistent with 6/10’s and 7/10’s

Very good and important album for me, 10/10 and so on. Nothing to add to what I said in his HGATR the other week. The real issue here is the amount of times you knuckleheads have rejected the chance to vote for Forever Changes. Unforgivable.