💿 How Good Is It Really 💿 Rounds

Just one vote could have tipped it too.

I almost did vote for it instead of Rounds but wanted to listen to an album I really liked. I’m all about the positivity.

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I absolutely loved ‘Pause’ when it came out and played it loads, but this didn’t do as much for me and felt a little like a disappointment.

His subsequent remixes and live sets get better and better to my ears every year, but I don’t think an album has really hit the mark since Pause.

Love love love this album. It’s bookends are astonishing but it’s all wonderful. Sounds so much better on vinyl despite the fact that it was made on a laptop. This, skinny fists, endtroducing and The Blueprint all had a huge impact on me at university, my mate would spin them constantly and it was good times.

All those creaky jazz samples build something so intimate and fractured, it’s brilliant and a massive 10.

I think I like Pause slightly more than Rounds as well, though I heard Rounds first

I’ve actually never heard anything else by them. I guess I should fix that at some point

I think it’s absolutely brilliant

I remember discovering Four Tet on MSN Music (was it even called that? MSN radio?) way back when because it had As Serious As Your Life on it’s alternative playlist. I discovered all sorts of good and bad stuff through there. I’m going to give this a relisten today.

Some website or other thought it was pretty good Album Review: Four Tet - Rounds / Releases / Releases // Drowned In Sound

A truly lovely record, really glad I took a punt on it all those years ago, it made my guitar addled mind creak open a little bit, I can understand how it might not sound terribly exciting if you if you come to it already well versed in hip hop and jazz but i definitely wasn’t, it opened doorways to those worlds in a way I found really accessible, just came along at a perfect time.

Not to dismiss it as simply a stepping stone, it’s beautifully made in it’s own right, subtle and delicate. Flows beautifully start to finish, it sounds alive. I used to play it a lot as an aid to study and sometimes sleep but it rewards a really engaged listen too, tried to push it on friends like it was an all purpose balm. My Angel Rocks Back and Forth is so gentle, if i have to choose a favourite track it’s that.

I listened to it twice yesterday and it’s still really good.

I thought my opinion would be similar (that there is other electronic stuff that is more interesting) but then I listened to it a couple times this week and it’s actually pretty great. There are a couple of tracks towards the end that I’d forgotten about (As Serious As Your Life, And They All Look Broken Hearted) that really hit home. I’ve gone for a 9

I didn’t get round (wheyyy) to this but just listened to these two tracks and they weren’t for me. Reminds me a lot of the sort of thing Ninja Tune released a lot of between about 1997 and 2004 (Amon Tobin, David Holmes etc). I know electronic music doesn’t tend to age that well but Alcachofa came out the same year as this and that still sounds like it came from another planet.

I’ve never heard, or even heard of, Rounds, so keep reading this thread as being about how good the concept of buying rounds in the pub is.

Pub rounds would be a 6? It’s a nice thing to do but I never mastered the 3 pint carry. My Grandad always used to stoop and tie his laces when going into the local Miners Welfare so he could get out of the first round, he was a crafty Grandad. Don’t judge him too harshly on this he was a really lovely man. Don’t think he’d like Four Tet much though. Upping Pub rounds to a 7.

Must assign a score to all human experience, DiS has broken me.

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Bonus poll:

  • Pub rounds
  • Shower cans

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Always get stung with pub rounds, especially in that London. Always know where you are with a refreshing mid shower can

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Oh and actual Rounds is a 9.

Extremely good. Except for the last track which is annoying. 9.

File under the album that he had out around the time i became aware of him because he supported Radiohead. Such a sublime album; really lovely natural sounding and well crafted album. I don’t feel like he’s ever matched it, although New Energy about equally excites me, and i get the enthusiasm for Pause/ his earlier grooves. A big number 9 for me. I finally caught him live around 2005 at Glastonbury and it was great, while I sometimes have loved his live movements since, that era still did the most for me.

Also prefer Pause to Rounds (which I like nonetheless and scrapes a generous 8 from me on this poll)- more dreamy and nebulous which suits me…think its his finest…although I would put the Morning /Evening EP on a par

Gone with a 9 in the end