💿 How Good Is It Really 💿 The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill

Singing “off of” seems standard because Neil Tenant does it as well in the version PSB did where they combine it with Where The Streets Have No Name so, yes, Lauryn Hill’s crime is changing the title

Singing off of seems standard because it’s in the original song.

Sorry @tatesmithee I’ve read it again and I see you are only really grumpy about the title change - I thought you also were grumping about her actually singing that. It’s a hidden track so I think it was only ever titled on the sticker on the front so quite possibly down to some intern in the record company! :smiley: Seems harsh to hold it against her.

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Haha! Great find. Love stuff like that.

Ah but look at Spotify!

Gave it a 9. That run towards the end just before Everything is Everything is my least favourite section of the album. The highlights are so good though that it’s hard to give anything less than a 9.

And also discogs (from where I copied the tracklist for the best track poll)

The wiki link there will be to avoid confusion from the original no?

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You can specify different text but the same link back to the original song.

I somehow doubt LH specified the track should be named that way, just said it and no one cared or else, as I say, someone else filled it in and did the obvious mistake based on the lyrics.

Love it less than I love The Score, but I really really love The Score. One of those albums where the highlights are 9s (a solid 11 for ex-factor) but the other bits leave me a bit colder.

Probably an 8

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Yay, first album I have an opinion on.

I love it. It sounds so timeless, I reckon you’d be able to tell it was an all time classic if you’d never heard anything about it before and put headphones one and heard it for the first time, it just has that feel. She’s so insanely talented, and just sounds like she’s having a nice time and going with how she feels the entire way through. It’s sort of listening to a live session with how she’s just turned up and let her skills loose. Seems like every time I listen to it I notice something new to be impressed by. Gave it a 9, couldn’t quite stump for a 10 because there’s a bit of a lull just before the end, but tbh I never skip any tracks, it’s really just sequenced to be hugely front loaded but I wouldn’t get rid of any song.

As someone who did just that this week, you’re completely right. I just didn’t actually like it that much


I still keep coming across bits of the lyrics to Doo Wop that make me think. Was my go to kareoke tune pre-covid

7.54 for The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill. A bit harsh?

On to Marquee Moon

@zanimos can you choose a track that isn’t Too Wop (That Thing) please?

Sure thing! I’ll go with Everything is Everything.

Thank you. At some point I’ll actually post the playlist I’m making of all theses choices and top tracks

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This is a criminally low score for this album :’(


also how is doo wop beating everything is everything. who are you people.

Did you vote @elthamsmateowen?

I was late, alas. :slightly_frowning_face: