💿 How Good Is It Really 💿 The Sophtware Slump

Sumday is the better reccord


Good song

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Sumday is my favourite, don’t know how much that is because El Caminos in the West was the first song of theirs I heard and I was obsessed with it.

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Point added for it I reckon

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I don’t love them as much as other people but good band, good album, own it but don’t put it on that often. Gets a 7 from me.

Only got it about a decade ago so I don’t have the nostalgia factor with it but Now It’s On still gives me flashbacks to 2003 which is always nice (wrong album though)

Nine because it isn’t Loveless and it’s important to be consistent, isn’t it

Saw them on this tour but never actually heard the album all the way through.

They were good but not enough for me to check out their stuff.

Cracking album. My Roomba is called Jed because of it. Cant imagine any other album has quite such an impressive legacy


I see we all chose the big white indie rock guitar album then

Don’t blame me, I voted for Endtroducing


I once saw them play live around the time of this album’s release, in Bristol. It ended with So You’ll Aim Towards The Sky, and the crowd’s reaction put a tear in his eye. They left that image of him on the big screen at the back, even with the lights up and us all filing out. Things like that stick in the brain.

Only 36% of us Mr Brexit

I think the fact that Arrested Development got 0 (zero) percent of the vote proves we’re all massive racists


I think this was definitely proved already.

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I knew voting Voodoo was a lost cause but man it would have been an interesting thread.

Anyway back to sad guitar band!

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wow, what a day for the boards, Pavement and this!


I don’t want to have a funeral but if I did I’d have So You’ll Aim Toward The Sky played there


As I said, I’ll occasionally choose the album myself for these threads so things like Voodoo get a chance even if it means only 50 people vote instead of 150


Clearly there’s a lot of unspoken trauma on DiS because I’m the only person who’s voted for Jed The Humanoid so far and it’s the best thing they ever did.
Eyes might be a little sweaty today…


wouldn’t say Sophtware Slump was their best album though maybe it’s their most consistent