💿 How Good Is It Really 💿 Turn On The Bright Lights

i feel like on this album they’re definitely stupid on purpose. they’re not a lyrics band, the lyrics are just any old filler to sing over the music which is the main event.

harder to tell on later records where he’ll deliver bad lines much more earnestly and sincerely, but on this record he’s obviously just taking the piss a bit, i mean look at Roland.


My all time favourite album- 10/10.

Still remember the first time I heard NYC on the new bands section of the NME website. Listened all the way through and was completely blown away. Perfect for angsty early 20s me. Had to get the album the second it came out.

One of those where your favourite song changed each time you listened. Amazing.

Saw them on the NME tour tour shortly after, lost my wallet in the crowd, didn’t care.

Missed them playing The New live (my favourite) by a few gigs, then had to wait until Carlos left until they played it again.

When they treat us to Untitled live nowadays feel transported back to those early days.


Will admit finding the delivery of ‘oh look its stopped snowing’ genuinely exhilarating


I find it a bit head scratching about how lauded this album is Obstacle 1, Untitled and NYC are flat out brilliant, Stella is ok and the rest is landfill indie NYC style.
It’s just dull. :man_shrugging:

meh /5

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If it’s not TPAB I’m quitting the boards

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Didn’t listen to this Interpol album when it first came out, and came to it years later. It got so much love and so highly revered that it was always going to be an underwhelming experience for me. I’ve gone with 6/10. It’s so samey. Maybe you had to be there


If it’s not Rio I’m going to refuse to do the thread



I don’t think Banks thinks they’re silly.

But equally I don’t think he cares much so that the true answer is that they aren’t very literal.

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I’ve given it a 5.

It’s a great mood album but it’s not a thinker. PDA is the only truly great song on the album.

I’ve enjoyed it immensely in the part but now it is just a safe background album for when you don’t want to worry about annoying any mates.

I think single feeling albums always hit big if they’re done well bit being into Joy Division was definitely a big thing at the time.

This has been one of my all-time favourite albums for so long now. I couldn’t get enough of it when I first heard it, and kept it with me for several years.

Gut reaction was immediate 10, but I’ve not heard it in a while so going to have another run through.

Untitled as best track for me. There’s just something about it that breaks me.

But I don’t think there are any particular weak points to the album. There are a few songs I don’t think I am that fussed about, and then suddenly there will be a little guitar moment or something and I’ll just be completely hooked again. PDA for example is only quite a good song but the ending is just amazing.

Only problem I have is that interpol peaked a little too soon. They’ve not done anything very interesting since Antics, which is also great but not up to the level of Bright Lights.

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I think it would be dishonest of them/anyone to not say there’s a similarity of vocal tone there and even if the band themselves are closer to like Television or Bauhaus or the Chameleons - but really it’s more that they’re a pastiche of that post punk sound of which Joy Division were maybe the most culturally significant.


They’re also sadly not as good as any of those bands


Got into this album at a time when I didn’t know any 70s/80s post-punk, got really into post-punk years later and assumed this album would now suffer in retrospect having become very familiar with the source material, but it really didn’t. Still love it.

Also I first started listening to Joy Division because of all the Interpol comparisons and when I first listened to Isolation I immediately went ‘holy shit it’s Paul Banks’ so I think the JD comparisons are pretty justified yeah. Considering some of the other bands I’ve seen routinely compared to JD (British Sea Power? The National??) then this one feels a lot more accurate


I think it’s the vocals that draw the Joy Division comparisons. If they had a different singer I’m not sure you’d see it so much

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primarily the vocals yeah, but they’re still a gloomy post-punk band with very melodic basslines, i think the comparisons would still be inevitable

they don’t sound exactly alike or anything but there’s enough common ground

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I think I’d give it a 10 for Untitled alone tbh.

  1. An all timer for me
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After joking about voting for the “safe white option” a couple weeks ago I managed to completely miss the public enemy thread :rofl: glad to see it got a rightful score though.

As for TOTBL well its my favourite album of all time so what score do you think I gave it