💿 How Good Is It Really 💿 Violator

Dunno, only know the singles which are both… Good?

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In terms of their aesthetic this was their peak, the album cover, cowboy hats, Dave wandering around as a deposed monarch with a deckchair, love all that. As for the album I’ve revisited it today and confirmed that I think it’s just ok with two massive, great singles on it. I would say I am a DM fan but find every album really patchy. It’ll be a 6 I think.

This Goldfrapp remix of Halo is good

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policy of truth m8, what a fuckin banger


Crystal Palace Athletics Stadium. I was at that too - Sisters Of Mercy trying to hide in swathes of dry ice in the the blazing afternoon sun was entertaining. DM were bloody great - definitely a band at the height of their powers.

Violator is a 10 for me - was my go to night-time driving album for many years :+1:


Yeah, it was definitely the ‘Songs of Faith & Devotion’ period when things went wrong. ‘Violator’ appears to have been an enjoyable time for all concerned!

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A 10 for me, without any doubt. They had great albums before this, they had great albums after this (and some average ones), but this is the absolute high watermark of what they’ve done. This is a great excuse to dig it out for a listen right now.


Quite possibly - I’ve never been able to remember where the hell it was. Damn mushy brain.

I remember Sisters of Mercy being a bit pissed off that they were a support act, and one or two other supports - maybe both rap acts, not sure, but not my cup of tea.

I did go through a very short lived Sisters of Mercy phase after that too.

DM blew my tiny mind at the time, though.

tell you what else ruined the songs of faith tour, David G. not being able to finish a line of lyrics

‘if you tried walking in my… YEAHHHHHHH!!!’

‘in your r–… COME ONNNNNNN!!!’

‘your own personal … LEMMEHEARYAAAAAAAAA’

makes the live album completely unlistenable


I loved SOM at the time, but they were woeful live I thought. I remember Andrew Eldritch leaving the stage with the words ‘Enjoy the puppet show’ so he had clearly enjoyed himself. One of the other supports was Dreadzone I think…

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They seemed good to me, but it was only my second ever gig so it was all a big novelty.

I was slightly obsessed by them for a very, very short time afterwards, but one of those bands where my interest just suddenly dropped off a cliff for some reason.

I saw them for the first and only time at the Manchester Arena on the Exciter or Playing The Angel tour. Dave Gahan was like the embodiment of Liza Minelli cheese on stage. Constantly doing some mad clapping thing for the audience to join in and shouting “come ooooooooon” . It was all a bit needy and didn’t go with the music at all. Weird.

Violater is still a 9/10 though.
I just wouldn’t see them live again.

It’s very good, isn’t it? Had a listen this afternoon, easy 9/10 I reckon.


One of my all time faves, but I came to it years after its release. Knew the big singles at the time but never investigated the album. When I finally got into it I didn’t look back. Voted for Policy Of Truth because it absolutely bangs. Brilliant album.

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The perfect album for me, means I give it a 10 - not one weak track.
Old enough to remember when it was released and that entire era of Depeche Mode was fantastic; the album, the singles, the imagery. Pity the US embraced it more than the UK.

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Halo my favourite track.

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This captures the time and is a great watch…


Don’t mind Dave doing that as 99% of the bands I see are small indie bands in small venues who barely acknowledge the audience and when I saw DM in a big stadium it made sense he was being a bit cheesy and channelling Mick Jagger with the moves. This was on the last tour they did a few years ago though, so was just expecting a good sing along to greatest hits.

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Had a couple of listens this week. What’s I like so much about it is that as well as the song writing being really good it also sounds brilliant as well. The only issue I have is that the final two tracks are my least favourites on the album so it’s always a bit a an anticlimax listening to it. Still an easy 9 though


Surprised you’re the only one that seems to think that. If it wasn’t for clean I’d have voted for that too.

How did I miss voting in this? I was sure I had. FFS.
I think I’d have gone with an 8 in the end, with World In My Eyes as my top track.

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