💿 How Good Is It Really 💿 Violator

I think I’ll get hated for saying this but I wish it’d come out a few years later so that the synths would be softer and it would be more pop and less industrial sounding. Halo is an example of a good song where the instrumentals are a bit too overpowering.

Ultra is the better album for me, they had the sound down so well by then especially on Home.

But I listen to the radio edit instead of full version of Enjoy The Silence so what do I know.

I think I gave it an 8 in the end? Maybe I even wrote that in here as a comment. Ha.

On the back of this thread I went and re listened to VCMG. The techno album Gore did with Vince Clark in 2013.

It’s good! Some great techno, banging stuff if a little too long.

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There’s some good bits on Ultra but Wilder’s absence is so dramatic, the whole thing sounds flat without his incredible psychoacoustics and dark ambient touches.

SOF&D is still their best for me, marginally beating Violator purely because Walking In My Shoes is hands down the best thing DM ever did.


if you haven’t heard em i also love alan wilder’s albums as Recoil if you’re into some trip hop/downtempo weirdness. Liquid is his best album by a mile.

I always loved how many disparate elements he manages to blend into this; it’s magnificent:

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Unsound methods is the only one I’ve heard, though it was pretty good.

This is a beast of a track.

Will check out Liquid.

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I remember this! I stopped listening as I though he was doing a Moby and I wasn’t into it.

Moby wishes he could produce like that, hah

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Yea, the production is incredible alright.

Listen in the dark on headphones :ok_hand:

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hey check THIS

8.22 for Violator. @UncleRetrospective can you chose a track that isn’t Enjoy The Silence please?


World in my eyes please :slight_smile:


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