how good is your long-term memory?

how much can you remember, how vivid are the memories? etc

it’s weird when memories are so vivid that it’s like it could have just been the other day, isn’t it

like, just remembering being conscious and alive, but as e.g. a seven year-old


use this thread to ramble about your memories in a way centred around the strangeness of memory

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A lot of my memories are triggered by/centred around smell. Think my earliest memory is sitting in my pram while my mum put buckled shoes on me and I can remember the smell of the plastic pram cover so, so vividly. Loads of really early childhood memories came back to me a few years ago seemingly out of nowhere. Thought it might be a sign that I was dying. They’re never more than a second or two long but they’re really vivid and rich in a sensory way but there are a few that I revisit quite frequently. I find them quite comforting, especially because mine pretty much always feature people who are no longer with us.


yeah, I had a rush of memories from early childhood back when I was maybe 15/16?

it was a time of significant upheaval in my life, and I guess being so hormonal makes everything really vivid too, but they were all as precise + lucid as what you describe

almost like I was more there and then in the memories than I was remembering them, maybe because I had been (in terms of feeling safe, settled, undistracted)

like, my earliest one, I must have been 2/3 because my mum was doing the thing where a parent lifts their child high up in the air?

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was anything actually notably different when these memories came back to you?

I mean, given that you weren’t actually dying

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I’m not too sure if there was anything in particular that brought them back to me but I remember the feeling itself being quite euphoric. The level of detail and clarity was unbelievable, and I just knew it was all real and not imagined. Powerful stuff.

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yeah :pensive:

different reasons (having been uprooted a lot + etc), but I felt a euphoria too

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Not great. Like I’ll see one of my friends back home and she’ll start talking about stuff from when we were at school and I’d estimate I remember about 50% of the things she’s talking about.

I think it’s a good thing in lots of ways though. It’s not always fun dwelling on things that happened in the past, I think.

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Would be a great bit to revive this thread in about ten years and just reply “excellent”.

I’ll probably have forgotten about it by then though


the secret to happiness is a long life and a bad memory