🤼‍♂ How Good of a Wrestler Were They Really? 🤼‍♀ #12 Triple H ⚔

Alright following hot on the heels of Jericho who scores… 4.69 with 32 votes and has topped the list, meaning I guess we really can start calling him the G.O.A.T.

Wrestler Rating
Chris Jericho (3) 4.69
Kurt Angle (2) 4.55
Stone Cold Steve Austin (1) 4.36
William Regal (18) 4.1
Bret Hart (9) 4.07
CM Punk (16) 3.85
Booker T (48) 3.72
Brock Lesnar (30) 3.52
John Cena (17) 3.43
Rob Van Dam (47) 3.4
Becky Lynch (28) 3.2

Is one of his greatest rivals, THE BLUE BLOOD, THE LEADER OF D-X, THE GAME, THE CEREBRAL ASSASIN, THE KING, THE BOSS('s daughter’s wife)

It’s Paul Michael “Hunter Hearst Helmsley” Levesque

So how good was Tri really?

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  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

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I said in the last one there won’t be many who’s had an many big matches as Jericho, well, Triple H is one of them, given his career has spanned basically the same period of time, again choose up to 5:

  • Jean-Paul Levesque vs Alex Wright (WCW Starrcade '94)
  • Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs Bob Holly (Summerslam '95)
  • Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs Henry O. Godwin HOG PEN MATCH (In Your House: Season’s Beatings)
  • Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/ Sable) vs The Ultimate Warrior (Wrestlemania XII)
  • Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs Marc Mero (Intercontinental Title match, IYH: It’s Time)
  • Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs Goldust (Wrestlemania 13)
  • Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs Mankind (King of The Ring Final '97)
  • Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs Mankind (Cage Match, Summerslam '97)
  • Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs Cactus Jack (Street Fight, Raw @ MSG, Sep 22nd '97)
  • Triple H vs Owen Hart (European Title Match, Wrestlemania XIV)
  • Triple H vs The Rock (Intercontinental Title Ladder Match, Summerslam '98)
  • Triple H vs Kane (Wrestlemania XV)
  • Triple H vs Mankind vs Steve Austin (World Title Triple Threat Match, Summerslam '99)
  • Triple H vs Steve Austin (World Title Match, No Mercy '99)
  • Triple H vs Cactus Jack (World Title Street Fight, Royal Rumble 2000)
  • Triple H vs Cactus Jack (World Title Hell in a Cell match, No Way Out 2000)
  • McMahon In Every Corner! (World Title Fatal 4-way, Wrestlemania 2000)
  • Triple H vs The Rock (World Title 60-minute Iron Man Match, Judgement Day 2000)
  • Triple H vs The Rock vs Kurt Angle (World Title Triple Threat Match, Summerslam 2000)
  • 6-Man Hell in a Cell (Armageddon 2000)
  • Triple H vs Kurt Angle (World Title Match Royal Rumble 2001)
  • Triple H vs Steve Austin (Three Stages of Hell, No Way Out 2001)
  • Triple H vs The Undertaker (Wrestlemania X-7)
  • Two Man Power Trip vs Jericho & Benoit (Tag Team Titles match, Raw, May 21st 2001)
  • Triple H vs Chris Jericho (World Title Match, Wrestlemania X-8)
  • Triple H vs Shawn Michaels (Unsanctioned Street Fight, Summerslam 2002)
  • Inaugural Elimination Chamber match (Survivor Series 2002)
  • Triple H vs Booker T (Wrestlemania XIX)
  • Triple H vs Goldberg (Survivor Series 2003)
  • Triple H vs Shawn Michaels vs Chris Benoit (World Title Triple Threat, Wrestlemania XX)
  • Triple H vs Randy Orton (Royal Rumble 2005)
  • Triple H vs Batista (Wrestlemania 21)
  • Triple H vs Ric Flair (Last Man Standing, Survivor Series 2005)
  • Triple H vs John Cena (Wrestlemania 22)
  • Triple H vs Randy Orton vs John Cena (Wrestlemania XXIV)
  • Triple H vs Jeff Hardy vs Edge (WWE TitleTriple Threat match, Armageddon 2008)
  • Triple H vs Randy Orton (Wrestlemania XXV)
  • Triple H vs Sheamus (Wrestlemania XXVI)
  • Triple H vs The Undertaker (No Holds Barred, Wrestlemania XXVII)
  • Triple H vs The Undertaker (Hell in a Cell, Wrestlemania XXVIII)
  • Triple H vs Brock Lesnar (No Holds Barred, Wrestlemania 29)
  • Triple H vs Daniel Bryan (Wrestlemania XXX)
  • The Shield vs Evolution (Extreme Rules 2014)
  • Triple H vs Sting (Wrestlemania 31)
  • Royal Rumble match 2016
  • Triple H vs Dean Ambrose (Roadblock 2016)
  • Triple H vs Roman Reigns (Wrestlemania 32)
  • Triple H vs Seth Rollins (Unsanctioned match, Wrestlemania 33)
  • Triple H & Stephanie McMahon vs Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey (Wrestlemania 34)
  • Triple H vs Batista (Wrestlemania 35)

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Just fucking pathetic really, isn’t he?

Also, mildly amusing mistake in his relationship to Steph in the OP.

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what are the numbers in brackets in the OP sevy?

think the x7 match is miles better than the later taker mania ones, found those proper dull. think it would be remembered as more of a classic if the replay didn’t give away how protected that chokeslam off the camera gantry thing was. watching it live was like “OH MY GOD WHAT A… oh right yeah, that’s not that good actually”

Where’s his legendary clash with Scott Steiner at Royal Rumble 2003? :joy:

I unfortunately had to remove it as I was over 50 matches again, was just going to do a post instead about peak Cunt Triple H in 2003 squashing Steiner, Booker T and Goldberg all in one year

Hell in a Cell 2012 vs Taker is probably either man’s best match imo

Their top 100 rankings from @AQOS’s thread. I forgot to add Jericho but I think he was number 3?

Could you fix please Joke (and sorry again lol)

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For a period, sure, but he was an amazing heel in 2000-01 and has had a handful of bangers throughout his career. It would be a 3 from me if it wasn’t for his reformed character (shoot) in later life and being responsible for NXT which pushes him over to a 4 for me

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we only bret 9th?! must have forgotten that and now i get to be irked all over again

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Got no personality rememeber

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Actually that’s not quite true, Shawn’s return match and three stages of hell are better, about equal with Cactus Jack Hell in a Cell and Daniel Bryan match for me

this was great

his run up to the quad tear and when he first returned were brilliant. '05ish trips though is one of my least favourite wrestlers ever. probably the main reason I stopped watching was because he was forever champion, having constant shitty main event matches (mostly against his mates), just the drizzling shits


Sorry, can only edit titles!

I missed cunt Tri phase cuz I stopped watching at the brand split but I remember his return being good even if the match with Jericho was only ok and came after maybe one of the markiest matches of all time. So I don’t have as bad feelings towards him as some because I didn’t see him at his worst, and then the Hell in a Cell vs Taker in 2012 was the match that got be back into wrestling so :man_shrugging:

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Ah is this what I’d need @anon76851889 for? Not the end of the world I can add it next time but it was 3rd in your poll for Jericho right?

I think so! Austin, Angle, Jericho iirc

My charge sheet against HHH:

  • Absolute fucking state of the Kliq and the curtain call
  • Trying to rewrite history and pretend DX were cool
  • Moved like shit in the ring since he came back from his 2001 injury
  • The reign of terror in 2003, including the WOAT bodybuilding feud with Scott Steiner, fucking up Goldberg’s first run, and going over Booker T in a racially charged feud
  • The interminable, dreary ‘end of an era’ match he had to have just to try and match Shawn
  • Burying punk so he could feud with Kevin Fucking Nash.
  • That time he had a fake retirement for sympathy after losing to Brock and no-one gave a shit
  • That Sting match
  • Petty shite with CM Punk around his departure from the company
  • All those hit self-indulgent 25 minute promos at the start of Raws
  • WWE game screenshots not being allowed to show him in a vulnerable position

Wrestling would have been better without him.


doesn’t matter how many times they tell us otherwise, going to the carpark in a jeep is not “invading nitro in a tank” and never will be