🤼‍♂ How Good of a Wrestler Were They Really? 🤼‍♀ #19 John Bradshaw Layfield & The A.P.A 🤠

Bg Van Vader scores a slightly disappointing 3.17, but at least goes above his rival Sting, in a quiet thread that made me question whether anyone still cares? Is it just the subject? Can I improve the threads? Shall I drop this at #20? Am I overthinking this?!

Wrestler Rating
Chris Jericho (3) 4.69
Kurt Angle (2) 4.55
Mick Foley (10) 4.55
Stone Cold Steve Austin (1) 4.36
Eddie Guerrero (8) 4.28
William Regal (18) 4.1
Bret Hart (9) 4.07
CM Punk (16) 3.85
Booker T (48) 3.72
Brock Lesnar (30) 3.52
Triple H (13) 3.48
John Cena (17) 3.43
Rob Van Dam (47) 3.4
Becky Lynch (28) 3.2
Big Van Vader (58) 3.17
Sting (52) 3.12
The Big Boss Man(36) 3.1
Scott Steiner (55) 3.08

Well hopefully this next one will get people talking, I sort of assumed after Eddie we’d be doing Rey next but then this cunt has a late charge in the polls so y’all better come out with your hottest opinions because it’s the BLACKJACK, IT’S JUSTIN THE FALL BRAWL FINALIST, HE’S ALWAYS POUNDIN ASS (lol) WITH HIS MAIN MAN FAROOQ, HE’S THE CRAZY RICH TEXAN TYCOON FROM THE SIMPSONS…

It’s John Bradshaw Layfield

So How Good Was Justin John Bradshaw Layfield really?

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  • Justin Bradshaw vs Savio Vega (Caribbean Strap Match, WWF In Your House 10 Sep '96)
  • The Blackjacks vs The Headbangers vs The Godwinns vs The Can-Am Express (Fatal Four Way Elimination Tag, Wrestlemania 13)
  • Bradshaw vs Jeff Jarrett (NWA North American Heavyweight Title, No Way Out of Texas '98)
  • Tag Team Battle Royale (Wrestlemania XIV)
  • Justin Bradshaw & Taka Michinoku vs KAIENTAI (Handicap Tag match, Over the Edge '98)
  • Justin Bradshaw & Terry Funk vs Farooq & Scorpio (Fully Loaded '98)
  • Justin Bradshaw vs Vader (Falls Count Anywhere, Breakdown '98)
  • Bradshaw vs Scott Hall (Backlash 2002)
  • JBL vs Eddie Guerrero (WWE Championship Match, Judgement Day '04)
  • JBL vs The Undertaker (WWE Championship Match, Summerslam '04)
  • JBL vs Booker T (WWE Championship Match, Survivor Series '04)
  • JBL vs Kurt Angle vs The Big Show (WWE Championship Triple-Threat, Royal Rumble '05)
  • JBL vs John Cena (WWE Championship Match, Wrestlemania 21)
  • JBL vs John Cena (WWE Championship “I Quit” Match, Judgement Day '05)
  • JBL vs Batista (WWE Championship “No Holds Barred” Match, Summerslam '05)
  • JBL vs Rey Mysterio (No Mercy '05)
  • JBL vs Matt Hardy (Armageddon '05)
  • JBL vs The Boogeyman (Royal Rumble '06)
  • JBL vs Bobby Lashley (No Way Out '06)
  • JBL vs Chris Benoit (WWE U.S Championship Match, Wrestlemania 22)
  • JBL vs Rey Mysterio (WWE Championship Match, Judgement Day '06)
  • JBL vs Chris Jericho (Royal Rumble '08)
  • JBL vs HHH vs Shawn Michaels vs Umaga vs Chris Jericho vs Jeff Hardy (Elimination Chamber, No Way Out '08)
  • JBL vs Finlay (Belfast Brawl, Wrestlemania XXIV)
  • JBL vs C.M Punk (WWE World Heavyweight Title Match, Summerslam '08)
  • JBL vs John Cena (WWE World Heavyweight Title Match, Royal Rumble '09)
  • JBL vs Shawn Michaels (No Way Out '09)
  • Royal Rumble 2014

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And as a bonus, due to it being the only thing noteworthy of his career, How Good Were the Acolytes Protection Agency? (I’ll give Farooq/Ron Simmons his own thread later)

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  • The Ministry, Bradshaw, Farooq & Viscera vs The Brood (UK No Mercy '99)
  • The Acolytes vs The “New Brood” Hardy Boyz (WWF Tag Team Title Match, Fully Loaded '99)
  • The Acolytes vs The Hollys (Summerslam '99)
  • The Acolytes vs The New Age Outlaws (WWF Tag Team Title Match, Royal Rumble '00)
  • 15 Minute Hardcore Battle Royale (Wrestlemania 2000)
  • The A.P.A vs Big Boss Man & Bull Buchanan (Backlash 2000)
  • The A.P.A vs Edge & Christian (WWF Tag Team Title Match, Fully Loaded 2000)
  • The A.P.A & Tazz vs Right to Censor (Wrestlemania X-7)
  • Tag Team Turmoil Match (Judgement Day '01)
  • The A.P.A vs Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire (InVasion '01)
  • The A.P.A & Spike Dudley vs The Dudley Boys & Test (Summerslam '01)
  • The A.P.A vs Billy & Chuck (no WAY out 2002)
  • The A.P.A vs Billy & Chuck vs The Hardyz vs The Dudleys (WWF Tag Team Title Fatal 4-way Elimination, Wrestlemania X-8)
  • APA Invitational Bar Room Brawl (Vengeance '03)
  • The A.P.A vs The Bashams (No Mercy '03)
  • The A.P.A vs Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin (No Way Out '04)
  • The A.P.A vs The Bashams vs Haas & Benjamin vs Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty (WWF Tag Team Title Fatal 4-way Elimination, Wrestlemania XX)

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if JBL doesn’t come bottom I quit. A.P.A is saved by Farooq (1 & 3 respectively)

I used to bloody love the clothesline from hell. It didn’t occur to me that it looked so nasty because he was just beating the shit out of people.

Can’t go higher than a 2 really. Did enjoy the APA though.


Yeah exactly, it’s a great, hard-hitting move but then you realise he’s just doing it to be a cunt and it’s like oh, FS

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Still, at least he got knocked the fuck out of his own tournament:


Always wonder what dirt JBL (like Jerry Lawler) has on Vince to still collect a payslip and occasionally appear on TV when he there are so many stories about him being a horrible bully. He turned up last week to offer his services to Keith Lee the other week ffs

Absolutely massive cunt

Probably why he made such a great heel, living the gimmick and all that. Which probably makes him less impressive as a heel. Easy to get people to hate you when you’re a cunt

Didn’t Russo come up with the brawl for all partly as a way to see him get beat up?

Probably a 1

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A big cowboy like hoss in the same vein of all the other big cowboy like hosses like Windham and Hansen and modernised by Page.
He was actually one of my favourite’s growing up because he was so crisp, he looked like he was genuinely belting everyone. Ummm… because he was. Also just absolutely loved the idea of these beer drinking muscle heads for hire.

I would say the JBL character did it’s job it just didn’t really belong on the last match of the night so often. His Dallas by way of President Bush persona was dead on the pulse and I thought his anti-immigrant stuff against Eddie, and to a lesser extent his condescending stuff with Cena was good character work even if he was far past his best as a worker.

But really nothing special on the working front. Also a horrible cunt, more so than just general wrestling cuntery and by all accounts an actual abuser - sooooo the limit here is a 2.

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I believe I’ve made everyone here watch this but it bears repeating :joy:


And this is what it looks like when someone gets a chance to give him a receipt :slight_smile:


Kinda remember him as Justin Hawk Bradshaw, but don’t know much about him. APA seemed a weird tag team combo for Ron Simmons (who I had a lot of time for in his WCW days).

Shame I missed the Big Van Vader vote as I’d have boosted him slightly with a 4. I can see already that the leaderboard isn’t being very kind to the older guys.

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Worst main event title reign:

  • Diesel
  • JBL

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Was tempted to put Rey in here but that feels a bit mean as that wasn’t really his fault, just a feel good sentimental pop followed by… Nothing

Always got the feeling that he probably always had a job because Vinnie Mac actually likes him. Doesn’t seem much of a stretch to imagine he and Vince have similar views about politics and bullying younger talent.

Always liked the APA as a kid, and he was definitely a good heel character but also, what a cunt.

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Yeah apparently they often went and played golf together and it’s a good point really, probably just Vince not caring

Lol was this for One Night Stand?

Must say, shoot punching Blue Meanie aside he was on top form that night. Should have included it in the poll really

Certainly was, can’t find a full clip on youtube but he was fucking gushing after that too :grimacing:

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Always remember this from late '02 too, at the time Raw was combining all the belts and eventually retired the hardcore and european belts into the intercontinetal. Regal simultaneously tests the hell out of him and makes him look a million bucks.

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Can’t lie, I did love them as a kid