🤼‍♂ How Good of a Wrestler Were They Really? 🤼‍♀ #19 John Bradshaw Layfield & The A.P.A 🤠

will close soon if any big JBL opinions to come

He’s a cunt




Oh yeah he’s dire as a commentator too, absolutely woeful. Dunno how he keeps the gig.


cuntface gets 1.56 with 18 votes. Well done everyone you deserve a round of applause and a pat on the back


A.P.A get a respectable 3.15.

No poll today because big man Ron Simmons is up next.


So big man Ron will be tomorrow for thread #20 but as you guys may have noticed due to my work schedule I struggle to keep this up consistently (which is going to get even worse over the next couple weeks) so if anyone would like to take the keys and do a thread on someone they are really passionate about and think they will get a big pop by all means DM me and we can discuss :slight_smile:

Think these threads have generally been pretty successful but obviously depends on the subject, but I’d like to keep them going if I can!


Missed the last couple of these. Shame I couldn’t knock JBL down a little further.

Awful man, uninteresting wrestler. Looked the part in the APA, but when that’s your biggest achievement you’re a jobber rank wrestler.

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I mean, his biggest achievement definitely is his year run as World Champ as a monster heel, it’s just that he had go-away heat throughout it

That’s just a kayfabe achievement though - his work up till then didn’t really deserve that run and he demonstrated why when he was given the opportunity.

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mad isnt it? when I was going through his matches for this thread and he literally goes from yet another tag-team elimination job match at Mania XX to world champion in 3 months based on… reasons?

tbf could say the same for kofi… (gave jbl a 2, would go a 3 for kof)

also don’t think he’s that much of a c-unit really. he’s in that bob holly / bill demott range of dickishness, which is pretty dickish in everyday terms sure, but in wrestling terms, probably not that bad

Kofi earnt his place way, way, way, waaaay more than JBL did.

I mean, they were both just solid midcarders / tag specialists until they suddenly weren’t. obviously kofimania was better than anything in JBL’s run

Kofi’s is way more important than that though, plus people actually wanted it to happen

yeah not saying otherwise, just that it came out of nowhere. it was supposed to be ali but he got injured, so kofi replaced him and got the push instead.

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eh, it had been quietly building, same as Big E right now

not really, it began at elimination chamber which he was only a part of because ali dropped out. all worked out for the best though i guess (apart from for ali but hopefully his time will come again)

I’m aware of that and remember what the storyline was and circumstances around it, WHAT I’M SAYING IS, there had been a buzz amongst some fans that had been wanting this push before they pulled the trigger on it. It wasn’t as big as say, DBry I remember there being some articles and tweets months before wanting Kofi to get there. Kofimania didn’t just happen last February