🤼‍♂ How Good of a Wrestler Were They Really? 🤼‍♀ #2 STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN 💀

Agreed for a one off, but hard to gauge it fully because Raw wasn’t around then. You can point to Hogan/Andre for a one night but Austin was pulling in millions of viewers every single Monday for years and years.

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I think the numbers are slightly better for 99-01 because there was basically no competition/there was more access to the product/WWF went public and was a massive behemoth of a company then but you are right to compare to peak Hulkamania era, it’s the only other time it’s been close to being so popular.

I do like the 99 Rumble I just find your obsession with it very funny

Superstar Steve Austin was the blueprint for what he became, albeit a bitter heel version who always considered himself too good for ecw, but fuck man he had the promos down even back then.


I’ll save the reasons why for HGWIR: The Royal Rumble 1999


Was a very convincing hard man, never saw his best stuff but he had an aura that few others did.

Maybe worth noting that he’s been done for at least one incident of domestic abuse and accused of several more, so not going to sing any praises to him as a person.

Looks like Sean Dyche



Truth be told there’s maybe a handful of guys who haven’t been accused or proved of some incredibly shady shit in some way or another, sadly.
That said the industry is definitely improving, there’s less drug abuse all round, noticeably fewer early deaths and way more accountability in their personal lives. Just this month the British indie wrestling scene had a large ‘me too’ sort of movement that ended up addressing a lot of guys who had gotten onto wwe or aew tv and their past abuses so there’s some very good signs at the moment.
But yeah guys like Austin and the most of the 80s and 90s, those closets are stuffed with skeletons.


Yeah, just thought it was worth mentioning, if people are going to give extra credit to “good eggs” like Cena or people for their charity work or being funny on Twitter, it’s probably worth bearing in mind what else people might have got up to.

Can’t wait for HGOAWWTR: Chris Benoit :grimacing:

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Nearly at this point on my ECW watch

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His feud with plucky mikey whipwreck is great fun

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Was a great moment with Whipwreck vs the Sandman where Mikey lost cause he slipped from the top rope flat on his face

But I’ll save it for HGWTR Mikey Whipwreck


Mick Foley turning on him because he switched car music to black sabbath from Leonard Cohen without asking is brilliant too. Very underrated underdog babyface. Whipwreck side chat over!


Yeah expecting lots of chat like this in basically every thread, but then that’s also the case with the music threads.

On that last point I think ive already made my mind up but I’m up for making these threads fairly democratic so:

Do we cover Benoit? (Anonymous)

  • Yes
  • No

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In all honesty I dont think theres much to discuss about Benoit. everyone knows he was a great technical wrestler, one of the best. Think the only topic to discuss around him now really would be about his personal life and how the industry handles that which isnt what these should be about really


Yeah Austin was turning into a piece of shit in the early 00s in particular. He was paranoid and all over substance abuse and was aggressive.

I do get the distinct feeling that Austin today would have a lot of choice words for the Austin of 2001. But it shouldn’t be swept under the rug


good points, cheers!

I’ve only ever seen that one once. Might need to rewatch to form an opinion.

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I don’t have the nostalgia for the Attitude era, but what I’ve seen and heard of Austin is great and his occasional returns have worked far better than The Rock’s, which have always left me wondering what people saw in him. Credit to him working through ECW

Downsides are how he treated Deborah, protected his spot to the detriment of others, but most uniquely the introduction of “What”.

A strong 4 as I need to save the 5 for my favourites.

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Found him pretty average anyway. Basically another Dynamite Kid: not as talented as he was, but a better actor.

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