🤼‍♂ How Good of a Wrestler Were They Really? 🤼‍♀ #24 The Road Warriors/Legion of Doom 🦅 🕷


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JAYSUS that requires a content warning :joy:

I tell you what, it’s easy to laugh at Heidenreich and being controlled by Little Johnny.
Not really a million miles away from Firefly Fun house stuff though is it?

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“In 2008, former WWE writer Dan Madigan revealed that in 2004 he had pitched directly to Vince McMahon an idea to have Heidenreich return as a Nazi stormtrooper named Baron Von Bava, who had been cryogenically frozen before being revived by Paul Heyman (A Jewish son of a Holocaust survivor), complete with Heidenreich wearing the red armband with the swastika and even goose-stepping to the ring. While WWE would eventually have Heyman manage Heidenreich, the pitch was considered so shocking that McMahon left the board room speechless and didn’t return for the rest of the day. The pitch led to Madigan leaving WWE later that year.[15]

:rofl: fuuuckingg heeeelllll maaaaaan :rofl:

I have some vague memory of hearing about that a long time ago but jesus, no wonder the guy got shitcanned

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Just completely perfected a style of tag team wrestling didn’t they? Not the most psychological or expressive but it was bloody exciting, straight ahead stuff. Stiff as all hell but they got better as it went on, and were feared to the extent if they didn’t like a finish they’d literally tell teams they were going over and to play along so nobody gets hurt - and got away with it! Absolutely key to the nwa’s success in the 80s and even after Hogan went to Vince from the AWA kept that territory going longer than it had any right to be simply off how over they were. Didn’t need to be in main events or title matches because they had an aura and people loved to just see them rock up and throw people around, and what’s not to love about that? The look and finisher too were just off the charts good. They’re a 5 as far as tag teams go even if they weren’t the best in the Fed and obviously had lifestyles far to their detriment.

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5/5 obviously

I’ve never seen a match from the 80s where they didn’t look immense. Such a shame that most of DiS has only ever seen the shit years it would seem (1 and 2 ratings…oh dear…)

What a look, what an entrance theme. As a kid, we were all drawn to them with those awesome shoulder pads that we all wanted, the face paint, just everything. Were they the best wrestlers, no. Were they the best tag team because of how over they got themselves and how they presented themselves, absolutely.

It’s odd that they were paired with a puppet, as it totally didn’t fit them. Later years, hmm, some dodgy storyline stuff in there, especially bringing in Hawk’s addiction stuff.
Still, the 80’s and 90’s stuff was excellent.

As usual, will close after I’ve finished making the next one, in the meantime:

  • Harley Race
  • Dusty Rhodes
  • Arn Anderson
  • Lex Luger
  • Tully Blanchard
  • Mike “IRS” Rotunda
  • “Dr. Death Steve Williams”
  • The Ultimate Warrior
  • Demolition
  • Mr. Perfect
  • The Nasty Boyz
  • Natural Disasters
  • Ted DiBiase
  • Hulk Hogan
  • Rick Rude
  • Scott Norton
  • Ahmed Johnson
  • Crush
  • Savio Vega
  • The British Bulldog
  • Goldust
  • Ken Shamrock
  • D-Lo Brown
  • Papa Shango/Kama Mustafa/The Godfather
  • The Rock
  • The New Age Outlaws
  • The Headbangers
  • Sid Vicious
  • Jeff Jarrett
  • The Dudley Boys

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Road Warriors/Legion of Doom score a respectable 3.74

And now we go WOOOOOOOO one more time: