🤼‍♂ How Good of a Wrestler Were They Really? 🤼‍♀ #3 CM PUNK ✊

Undertake might be interesting, equally valid points to say hes awful and great

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The greatest gimmick of all time but only has a handful of great matches across his career BUT those matches are some of the best ever but there’s also so much shit in there yeah I know what you mean :sweat_smile:

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I really should have included DiBiase in the Austin poll actually learning curves

Yeah, greatest character ever, bar none. Had about five moves but hey.

Just a bit sad in the end when they were pumping him full of water and dipping him in creosote once a year.


Just want to rag on HHH’s massive ego


Have you watched the recent documentary series with Taker finally opening up after all this time? Some really interesting stuff in there

Oh we’ll get there

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I think the gimmicks interesting as well cause thats had its up and downs. Satanic Taker with his group of jobbers in the Ministry often gets shit on but as a kid I genuinely thought he was evil.

The Corporate Ministry was so stupid but I always got a kick out of the Posse in their sweater vests coming out to that entrance


And then of course we have biker taker/booger red. Oh yes, there will be much to discuss

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The better “pipebomb” which went over the ad break

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There’s a Dibiase doc on prime I’ve been meaning to watch for ages. When he comes up I’ll give it a watch

The evil millionaire was a character Vince wanted to do for ages, and spent ages holding out for the right guy for it,
Ted DiBiase was a territories guy from the mid-70s and managed to learn from the best, he was always a shitheel but more of an arrogant yuppie type feuding with Hacksaw Duggan and Magnum TAs etc. I think even he’d admit he was past his best physically by the time he got to new york but my word did he do the best with it. And the laugh alone, that’s a 5.

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Was also the 4th member of the nwo iirc :joy:

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Can’t wait to dissect the American Badass phase. It’s been 20 years and I still can’t quite believe that one day, after many, many years wrestling as an undead supernatural creature with strange powers, he just turned up as a random dude on a motorcycle riding in to Kid Rock rapping over a Metallica tune. And everyone was all, “oh the Undertaker is a biker now. Cool.”

And the worst part is I bloody loved it.


Radio Edit

Takers shit match to good match ratio is literally like 1,000 - 10


One of the best returns of all time tbf. The bit with the kids doing that weird chant as DX still destroyed The Rock still gives me chills

sorry for the delay lads, here’s thread #4

also his main theme as the definitive version of the character is shit

this one’s great though


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best Taker theme, easy money

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