🤼‍♂ How Good of a Wrestler Were They Really? 🤼‍♀ #3 CM PUNK ✊

I disapprove of these threads

ps haha you “body is too similar” sucker

I’m really impressed at how well you’re circumnavigating that rule!




I’m not worried about me, I’m worried about you guys. The world is delicious and you only have one life to taste it.

Of course everything is subjective and if this was any other topic and someone else was saying what I’m saying I’d be saying what you’re saying. Wrestling really does it for me though, don’t know why. Probably something I need to explore in therapy. Thanks for helping me come to this realisation! x

Ah well.
Smee M Punk

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I’m glad we’ve both seized the opportunity for growth in this thread.

You seem nice.
Have a good day.

So what about that CM Punk lads?


I’ll give this a wee watch later.

Is this the right time to say I hated the “What?” thing and wish it had never got over


Oh its tedious shite now but at the time it was great

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This bit in particular is a classic https://youtu.be/-bzB2N9xnJk?t=107

Oh and I remember my brother almost lost his mind when Cult Of Personality was in guitar Hero.
Yeah it’s a pretty good song I said " ITS CM PUNK BBBRRRUUHHHHH!" was his reply.
Thesewoodenideas, smiling politely.

It was shite at the time too tbf


Ah flip RVD. My dad was amazed that he resembled JCVD and really queried if they were related :smile:


Never been a fan. Like Joke said, seems quite smug. Don’t think he’s a particularly great wrestler either.

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