🤼‍♂ How Good of a Wrestler Were They Really? 🤼‍♀ #33 Diamond Dallas Page 🔷

So, the legendary Jake The Snake Roberts scores a respectable 3.81 placing him between C.M Punk and The Road Warriors.

Wrestler Rating
Chris Jericho (3) 4.69
Kurt Angle (2) 4.55
Mick Foley (10) 4.55
Macho Man Randy Savage (12) 4.37
Stone Cold Steve Austin (1) 4.36
Eddie Guerrero (8) 4.28
Ric Flair (11) 4.23
The Undertaker (7) 4.22
The Steiner Brothers (n/a) 4.22*
Shawn Michaels (6) 4.21
William Regal (18) 4.1
Bret Hart (9) 4.07
Owen Hart (21) 3.95
CM Punk (16) 3.85
Jake “The Snake” Roberts (20) 3.81
The Road Warriors/Legion of Doom (106) 3.74
Booker T (48) 3.72
Charlotte Flair (34) 3.69
Vince McMahon (66) 3.55
Kane (19) 3.54
Brock Lesnar (30) 3.52
Triple H (13) 3.48
John Cena (17) 3.43
Rob Van Dam (47) 3.4
Becky Lynch (28) 3.2
Ron Simmons (114) 3.18
Big Van Vader (58) 3.17
Shane McMahon (59) 3.17
A.P.A (90) 3.15
Sting (52) 3.12
The Big Boss Man(36) 3.1
Scott Steiner (55) 3.08
Stephanie McMahon (n/a) 2.36
Hulk Hogan (61) 2.33
D-X (n/a) 2.33
JBL (n/a) 1.56

And now, we go from Jake the Snake to the man who resurrected him. One of WCW’s only homegrown stars and man did it take a while, NOW BREATHE… AND REVERSE. Don’t worry if you need to go into the safety zone at any time but you will get stronger with the power of positivity, he is the original people’s champ, the man who inspired the RKO and turned it into a yoga move, the nicest/most infectiously positive man in wrestling (almost to a fault), he’s giving out self high-fives, the man who saved the lives of Jake the Snake Roberts AND Scott Hall as well as helping the lives of countless others… and that’s not a bad thing, that’s a GOOD thing…


So, How Good Was DDP?
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Really made an effort to trim this one down after the madness that was the Kane poll, I had 70 options originally… :sweat_smile:

Favourite Match/Moment
  • Diamond Dallas Page & Mike Graham vs Bill Kazmaier & Jushin Liger (WCW StarrCade '91)
  • Diamond Dallas Page vs The Renegade! (WCW Fall Brawl '95)
  • Diamond Dallas Page vs Johnny B. Badd I (WCW United States Title, Halloween Havoc '95)
  • Diamond Dallas Page vs Johnny B. Badd II (WCW World Television Title Match, WCW World War 3 '95)
  • Diamond Dallas Page vs Johnny B. Badd III (WCW World Television Title Match, SuperBrawl VI '96)
  • Diamond Dallas Page vs Eddy Guerrero (WCW United States Title Match, StarrCade '96)
  • DDP rejects the nWo’s invitation!
  • Diamond Dallas Page vs Randy Savage I (No Disqualification, WCW Spring Stampede '97)
  • Diamond Dallas Page vs Randy Savage II (Falls Count Anywhere, WCW The Great American Bash '97)
  • Diamond Dallas Page & Lex Luger vs Randy Savage & Scott Hall (WCW World Tag Team Titles, WCW Clash Of The Champions XXXV, '97)
  • Diamond Dallas Page vs Randy Savage (“Las Vegas Death” match, WCW Halloween Havoc '97)
  • Diamond Dallas Page vs Curt Hennig (WCW United States Title, StarrCade '97)
  • Diamond Dallas Page vs Chris Benoit (WCW United States Title Match, SuperBrawl VIII)
  • Diamond Dallas Page vs Chris Benoit vs Raven (Triple-Threat WCW United States Title Match, Uncensored '98)
  • Diamond Dallas Page vs Sting (WCW World Heavyweight Title Match, Nitro, Mar 23rd 1998)
  • Diamond Dallas Page vs Raven (“Raven’s Rules” Match, WCW Spring Stampede '98)
  • Diamond Dallas Page & Karl Malone vs Dennis Rodman & Hollywood Hogan (WCW Bash At The Beach '98)
  • Diamond Dallas Page & Jay Leno vs Eric Bischoff & Hollywood Hogan (WCW Road Wild '98)
  • Diamond Dallas Page & Roddy Piper & The Warrior vs Bret Hart & Hulk Hogan & Stevie Ray vs Kevin Nash & Lex Luger & Sting (WarGames 3-on-3-on-3, WCW Fall Brawl '98)
  • Diamond Dallas Page vs Goldberg (WCW World Heavyweight Title Match, Halloween Havoc '98)
  • Diamond Dallas Page vs Bret Hart (WCW United States Title Match, World War 3 '98)
  • Diamond Dallas Page vs Scott Steiner (WCW World Television Title Match, SuperBrawl IX '99)
  • Diamond Dallas Page wins his first World Championship! vs Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair vs Sting special guest referee: Randy Savage (Four Corners WCW World Heavyweight Title Match, WCW Spring Stampede '99)
  • Diamond Dallas Page loses the title vs Sting only to win it back LATER THAT NIGHT (WCW World Heavyweight Title Match, Nitro Apr 26th 1999)
  • Diamond Dallas Page vs Kevin Nash (WCW World Heavyweight Title Match, WCW Slamboree '99)
  • Diamond Dallas Page & Kanyon vs Chris Benoit & Perry Saturn (WCW World Tag Team Titles Match, The Great American Bash '99)
  • Diamond Dallas Page vs Chris Benoit (No Disqualification WCW United States Title Match, Road Wild '99)
  • Diamond Dallas Page vs Jeff Jarrett (WCW World Heavyweight Title Match, Spring Stampede '00)
  • DDP wins the Title against Jarrett in a cage match on Nitro, April 24th 2000, only to lose it TWO DAYS LATER TO HIS OWN TAG TEAM PARTNER, DAVID ARQUETTE (Thunder, April 26th 2000)
  • David Arquette © & Diamond Dallas Page vs Jeff Jarrett (“Ready To Rumble” Steel Cage Handicap WCW World Heavyweight Title Match, Slamboree 2000)
  • Diamond Dallas Page vs “That 70s Guy” Mike Awesome (Ambulance Match, WCW The Great American Bash '00)
  • Diamond Dallas Page & Kevin Nash vs Chuck Palumbo & Shawn Stasiak (WCW World Tag Team Titles Match, WCW Mayhem & StarrCade '00)
  • Diamond Dallas Page & Kevin Nash vs Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire (WCW World Tag Team Titles Match, WCW Sin '01)
  • Diamond Dallas Page vs Scott Steiner in the final WCW PPV World Title Match! (WCW World Heavyweight Title Match, WCW Greed '01)
  • Diamond Dallas Page & Booker T & Bubba Ray Dudley & D-Von Dudley & Rhyno vs Chris Jericho & Kane & Kurt Angle & Steve Austin & The Undertaker (10-Person Tag Match, WWF InVasion)
  • Diamond Dallas Page & Kanyon vs Kane & The Undertaker (Steel Cage WWF & WCW Tag Team Titles Match, WWF SummerSlam '01)
  • DDP loses to The Undertaker’s Wife Sara! (RAW after Summerslam, 20th August 2001)
  • Immunity Battle Royale (WWF Survivor Series '01)
  • Royal Rumble '02
  • Diamond Dallas Page vs Christian (WWF European Title Match, WrestleMania X8)
  • Diamond Dallas Page vs Raven (TNA Turning Point '04)
  • Diamond Dallas Page vs Jeff Jarrett (“Ringside Revenge” NWA World Heavyweight Title Match, TNA Destination X '05)
  • Diamond Dallas Page & B. G. “Road Dogg” James & Sean Waltman vs Jeff Jarrett & Monty Brown & The Outlaw Billy Gunn (“Lethal Lockdown” Six-Man Tag Match, TNA Lockdown '05)
  • Royal Rumble '15 (Reigns wins and gets boo’d out the building!)
  • Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale 2016 (WrestleMania 32)
  • DDP is inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame (2017)
  • DDP, Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall vs MJF, The Butcher & The Blade (AEW Bash at the Beach 2020)

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Forgot that by covering DDP we also get Dennis Rodman, Karl Malone, Jay Leno, David Arquette & The Undertaker’s wife

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ddp and raven was a good feud. the spring stampede match was great, and they had another good match at slamboree 98 where they have a last man standing match inside a cage. at one point, ddp hits him with a vcr.

if that wasn’t 90s enough, here’s a thing they did on trl to promote the spring stampede match


people really fucking loved a diamond cutter eh


I’ve never actually seen much of him in the ring but he was my guy on WCW Vs NWO: Revenge on the N64 and his yoga is doing wonders for my shitty back.

Not sure that’s really enough to warrant giving him a 5 but nobody can stop me so I’m doing it anyway.


if it helps this is basically why I’m giving him a 5 too.

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prferred the Kanyon cutter

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yeah the gimmick of him running around doing cutters to random NPCs was great


A lovely advert for chasing a dream later in life. Very charismatic and probably the purest face alongside Sting in wcw, not least since they started flip flopping Goldberg later on. His work was always solid and made sense. Vince and co had no idea what to do with him but his older stuff with Savage, Benoit, Raven speaks for itself.
Has done a huge amount for the wrestling community and wider public with his self help stuff too, a real stand up guy. A 4 in my book overall, just shy of the greats.



The one at 2:45 is hilarious


So I LOVE DDP. I never saw his WCW run at the time (because I didn’t watch it) but I knew him from the Thunder video game and I loved playing as him and so also had an action figure for my weekly ppvs I used to put on every Sunday in my bedroom (dear reader, I was a lonely child).

Then he turned up in WWF for the InVasion angle as one of the top guys other than Booker T and I was SO excited to finally get to see him in action… and then… Well, you know the rest.

Anyway when I got back into wrestling a few years ago I have myself an education both on what I had missed between 2002-12 but also some of the classic matches of yesteryear.

DDP’s career is an odd one because it basically happened on TV in real time over the 90s. Is rise from confused gimmick jobber to main event champion over that decade I genuinely believe set the precedent for guys like C.M Punk, Daniel Bryan and more recently Kofi Kingston, even Becky Lynch to an extent, that if you work hard enough and determined enough and keep improving your craft and getting over with the fans, you can achieve greatness, which when you’re in such a heavily politicised company such as WCW and you’re not “one of the boys” is especially impressive. People talk about how impressive Goldberg’s initial run was, and it was, but like Lesnar, he always seemed destined to reach the apex of the company ASAP. DDP didn’t have that luxury. He fought and clawed and stayed positive and eventually got his just deserts (even if only for a very brief time). I mean, LOOK AT THIS POP

Almost a decade of grit finally pays off in a match with the biggest names of the company no less.

I also I’ve his match with Goldberg the year before where he nearly ends the undefeated streak, a match which famously went off the air because Hogan and Warrior overran in stinking up the joint with one of the worst matches of all time:

His series with Macho was fantastic (unsurprising given they were both notorious overplanners) as well as his stuff with Marc Mero, Raven and Benoit.

Then finally, of course, there is his reinvention as a self-help yoga guru, a job he was seemingly born to do, where he extended the lives and careers of wrestlers and every day people alike, myself included. I bawled my eyes out at his Hall of Fame speech because while his actual wrestling career may fall short of the greats, his overall contribution to the wrestling business by maintaining the lives of Jake and Scott Hall, while helping countless others get stronger and less injury prone, is truly deserving of his place I’m wrestling immortality. An obvious 5.


Here is the speech for anyone interested.

Strangely DDP is not someone I have loads of knowledge of, considering how high he was. I think I look at him, by the respect he had of of the boys. He had an amazing angle where he swerved on the NWO and I don’t think he ever joined the NWO, when everybody was joining them at that time. The fact that he was able to swerve on two of the main members was huge.
Randy Savage respected him so much and put him over huge with their feud. I always love hearing interviews of DDP talking about it, as it meant so much to him.

Took him quite a while to get it, but when he did, look at that career (WCW only, WWE can just not exist really)

Protect your back, bring your arms out to a T and hulk it up!



4 for being a great lad and improving the quality of peoples lives. Props to him from getting into wrestling despite already being deep into his 30s, dude is pretty inspirational truth be told.

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This is excellent posting.

The 5est of 5s. Love the man more than is healthy!

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A very good human being by all accounts but not an amazing wrestler.

Fully expect to see him in a ridiculously high place at the end of this poll :stuck_out_tongue:

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Like Mick Foley? :wink:

Jeez, hadn’t realised he was so high up there. Don’t think Foley would make my top 100 of all time :slight_smile: