🤼‍♂ How Good of a Wrestler Were They Really? 🤼‍♀ #41 Ted DiBiase 💸

Yes, both. What would you have given them?

ah yes just clocked the leader board.
Both a 5 nae bother at all :slight_smile:

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the poll is… inconclusive. Any other big shouts?

Dusty Rhodes (and family?)
Was the first feud I remember Ted having.
Might not be much chat in it tho

oh doing Dusty, Dustin and Cody all in one go? that’s not a bad shout…

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May as well.
Would cover everything from the old territories, Monday night wars, right up to the modern AEW etc.
Just an idea.

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only thing with that is its such a massive stretch of time (like 50 years!) that it would take so long to do in one big go so would probably have to split into three parts both for mine and your sanity :smiley:

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Oh that’s fine.
Rhodes Trilogy :grinning:

I think to help you out in the polls a limit of ten matches is enough tbh. It must be a right pain in the butt for you to do those lists.

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I mean slightly masochistically I kind of enjoy going through the subject’s career arc, but agree for everyone else’s sake could probably be edited down

Could we vote for more than 3? I’ll chuck a vote at Bam Bam if it puts him ahead of Oz and Diamond Studd.

you can already vote for 5 :slight_smile:

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also I’m not sure why people are so against doing Nash and Hall, two of the most fascinating careers in the biz imo, amazed they’ve not even really been close yet

I’ve voted for them frequently.
They might not be everyone’s fave wrestlers but their place in the biz and all that is worth a chat.


They were all over the internet for so many years and the topic of every other shootcast and WWE wouldnt stop talking about them and HHH would either. And yes they’re arguably 2 of the most imfulential wrestlers ever but I feel like I could go another 50 years without talking about them and be fine about it

sure, but this is DiS, we bring the goods.

I never read instructions properly!

Personally amazed that Andre keeps getting looked over.

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yeah Andre is (quite literally) a big one, but I feel like people around here only really know him for Wrestlemania III and The Princess Bride :smiley:

Pretty fair - there’s not a lot of him out there from when he was in his prime. This is my favourite Andre clip.



Millionaire Ted scores a slightly nostalgic 4 on the button!

And now…