🤼‍♂ How Good of a Wrestler Were They Really? 🤼‍♀ #44 TEAM XTREME THE HARDYZ & LITA! 🤟

I totally get why a lot of my peers loved them but I always found then quite cringey (but then I was an E&C guy)

I actually have them a 4 btw, never my favourites but I appreciate how important they were (and Lita is also a 4 for being somewhat revolutionary for the time)

Summerslam TLC is one of the defining matches from when I was watching. Just so big and over-the-top.

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Yep, completely pushed the boundaries of what wrestling and the human body can be and do. Shame it inspired a load of garbage in the years to come but that doesn’t take anything anyway from those six guys incredible performance

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Really liked Lita. I remember they teamed her with a nobody and her as the sidekick at the beginning.

I think it was during the time when women’s matches lasted about two minutes. Ahead of her time and would have been interesting to see her on the current roster. Charlotte vs Lita would be a great dream match.

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Nobody was Essa Rios. I Googled it.

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Delete delete delete delete


Yeah no one really remembers him, had a cup of coffee in ECW together which is where the pairing came from (also cuz like Hispanics lol)

We did get Charlotte Vs Trish which was great but I’ll save that for her inevitable thread, but this is arguably the most important women’s match in the WWE

Shame Lita necks herself during it :upside_down_face:


Oooft. That commentary though :see_no_evil:

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Had that grungey greebo authenticity that made literally all 10-12 year olds identify with them during a period when it was really hard to be white meat babyfaces.
Just a perfect modern repackaging of that Rock n Roll Express mode of high flying guys who’d sell for days and days. Also had the perfect foils with the douchey E&C and the psychopathic Dudleys.
They were both a little light on psychology which as Severed’s said has definitely had an effect on indie wrestling and a lot of how matches are put together today (for better or worse) focused around your own signature spots and not just working the arm and cutting off for heat or whatever.

Singles both guys seemed to have been hampered by their own inability to see a bad idea from a good one. Some of Matt’s more outlandish bullshit, all of Jeff’s TNA run, although both guys have definitely been battling personal stuff for a lot of that. At their best though they’ve been 5’s, it’s just a 4 overall.

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Oh yeah, still a long way to go there, this is what 10 years before the “women’s revolution” (lol)

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It’s probably pretty obvious who should be next, but for the sake of posterity (and a wee bump)

Who’s Next?
  • The Dudley Boyz
  • Trish Stratus (w/ Test & Albert)
  • Too Cool
  • Right to Censor
  • M.N.M (Mercury, Nitro, Melina)
  • Shelton Benjamin
  • The Young Bucks
  • The New Day
  • The Good Brothers Gallows & Anderson
  • The BAR Seamus & Cesaro

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Oh yeah this thing. That’s a very interesting reading :sweat_smile:

ha I just lost half my work on the next one and now it can get fucked :upside_down_face:

Poor RTC

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Their thread won’t take as long as what I was working on, that could be slapped up.in half an hour :wink:

(given the result though I will do RTC soon!)

Stevie Richards bonus vote pls, Sev :heart:!

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hard agree

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To be honest you could make a case for all of them falling under that thread as it was all of their career highlights

The Hardyz get an exact 4 (makes sense) while Lita does alright herself on 3.91!

And now it’s time to complete the triangle…