🤼‍♂ How Good of a Wrestler Were They Really? 🤼‍♀ #46 RIGHT TO CENSOR('s members)! 🚫 🚨

Carried by Steven Richards and Ivory

The rest didn’t really matter did they? Best heel stable of all time


Pretty much aye.

Let’s do some scores…

Let’s start from the bottom…

Bull Buchanan scores…2.47!

Val Venis scores…2.81!

Might be worth noting that he’s a solid 0 on the ‘how good a human’ scale


Better than Big Show :thinking:

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The G(o)odfather/Papa Shango/Kama Mustafa scores… A much more positive and probably nostalgic 3.18!

Pretty good going by wrestling standards then?

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Hes deffo one of the worst from the Attitude Era

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Poor Big Show

Ok we move on to the big guns though I feel Godfather might outscore them. Could have made a poll predicting this :sweat_smile: ah well

Ivory scores… 3.63!

We’re a bunch of Steven Richards marks aren’t we

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And now for the leader…

Let’s find out! It’s…

3.5! Ivory wins!

The group gets a 3.55, meaning Ivory ultimately was even better than the group! :heart:

A good result for international women’s day! good job everyone, work on the next one starts tomorrow…

Probably fair tbh.

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For our enjoyment


Yeah I’m very pleased with that, it’s the order I voted in. Poor B-Squared :sweat_smile:

He was incredibly athletic and had moments of brilliance but had no in ring charisma at all

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