🤼‍♂ How Good of a Wrestler Were They Really? 🤼‍♀ #47 "Diesel"/Kevin Nash (& the nWo!)! 🚚 🤘

DiBiase made sense as the bankroller I think, anyone after that it got increasingly silly however


He just felt too old/old school to me. Should’ve gone straight to Bischoff.

This illustration is pretty fun List of New World Order members - Wikipedia

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That’s fair actually, I forgot Bischoff wanted to play with the ball

Torrie Wilson!.:sweat_smile: Good trivia question in there regarding HoF members

yeah this. the original run of the nWo was so fucking smart, from their promos being paid-for advertisements to them only selling merch from vans outside the venue (because they’re an outlaw faction so why would wcw allow them to do it inside the arena, really great attention to detail stuff). like those first few months, everything was laid out perfectly and logically… but they obviously didn’t have a plan for anything beyond that.

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obvs the main nWo theme was great in it’s own way but the wolfpac theme is a legit banger


O please see the wolfpac one in the OP!

oops sorry!

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Nah all good it is a banger Tbf

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Love watching him when he doesnt give a fuck, all other circumstances is pants

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Great guy and amazing value in shoot interviews


His x division stuff in tna is some of the best wrestling comedy ever.


what’s the whole CM Punk thing? why did it do that?

I haven’t really watched since the Attitude era, but that CM Punk run is kind of interesting.

And it just goes to show how stupid the whole Retribution booking was. An outlaw faction that want to ruin WWE after being treated badly by only showing up for ten minutes a week, always on Monday nights and immediately signing contracts in kayfabe with the company they said they were determined to bring down.


Punk held one of the top belts. Nash attacked him, allowing Del Rio to cash in Money in the Bank and take the title.

Supposedly this was supposed to lead to a programme between Nash and Punk. Punk went in hard on Nash on Raw, Nash walked away from the feud and it ended up being another HHH vehicle.


See also, The Nexus

Aye, but by Retribution’s standards the Nexus were a masterpiece!

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Talking of Nexus, I still remember them coming into raw and tearing everything up, it was pretty shocking. How they completely dropped the ball on that one is beyond me. They had 7 guys who immediately looked like stars and they could have had at least 2 main events and 5 mid-carders, at the very least

All gone from the company now too aren’t they? Well except Barrett as a commentator

Depends if you count Bryan I guess but I don’t really :sweat_smile: