🤼‍♂ How Good of a Wrestler Were They Really? 🤼‍♀ #48 “Razor Ramon”/Scott Hall (& the Outsiders!)! 🪒 🐺

Kevin Nash scores…a very middling 2.47!

Meanwhile, the nWo fare only slightly better, scoring 2.59!

Wrestler Rating
Chris Jericho (3) 4.69
Kurt Angle (2) 4.55
Mick Foley (10) 4.55
Daniel Bryan (5) 4.38
Macho Man Randy Savage (12) 4.37
Stone Cold Steve Austin (1) 4.36
Eddie Guerrero (8) 4.28
Ric Flair (11) 4.23
The Undertaker (7) 4.22
The Steiner Brothers (n/a) 4.22*
Shawn Michaels (6) 4.21
Edge & Christian (43) 4.18
William Regal (18) 4.1
Bret Hart (9) 4.07
The Hardy Boyz (46) 4
Ted DiBiase (68) 4
Owen Hart (21) 3.95
“Mr Perfect” Curt Hennig (22) 3.91
Lita (31) 3.91
The Dudley Boyz (39) 3.85
CM Punk (16) 3.85
Jake “The Snake” Roberts (20) 3.81
The Road Warriors/Legion of Doom (106) 3.74
Diamond Dallas Page (41) 3.73
Booker T (48) 3.72
Charlotte Flair (34) 3.69
Ivory (n/a) 3.63
Vince McMahon (66) 3.55
Right to Censor (80) 3.55
Kane (19) 3.54
Brock Lesnar (30) 3.52
Stevie Richards (n/a) 3.5
Triple H (13) 3.48
John Cena (17) 3.43
Rob Van Dam (47) 3.4
“Rowdy” Roddy Piper (37) 3.36
Becky Lynch (28) 3.2
Papa Shango/Kama/Godfather (136) 3.18
Ron Simmons (114) 3.18
Big Van Vader (58) 3.17
Shane McMahon (59) 3.17
A.P.A (90) 3.15
Sting (52) 3.12
The Big Boss Man(36) 3.1
The British Bulldogs (n/a) 3.09
Scott Steiner (55) 3.08
Davey Boy Smith (96) 2.94
Dynamite Kid (83) 2.9
Val Venis (157) 2.8
Bam Bam Bigelow (54) 2.8
The Big Show (166) 2.76
Little Spike Dudley (n/a) 2.75
nWo (163) 2.59
Kevin Nash (110) 2.47
Bull Buchanan (n/a) 2.47
Stephanie McMahon (n/a) 2.36
Gangrel/The Brood (n/a) 2.36
Hulk Hogan (61) 2.33
D-X (n/a) 2.33
Goldberg (51) 2.3
JBL (n/a) 1.56

And now, it’s time to say hello to his “little” friend, the starship coyote, Texas Scott, The Diamond Studd, it’s the bad guy, the Razor’s edge, one of the greatest Intercontinental champions of all time mang, one-half of the Outsiders and original nWo members, the lone wolf, it’s LAST CALL…


So How Good Was Razor Ramon/Scott Hall Really?
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And as a bonus:

How Good Were The Outsiders Really?
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Debuting in NWA in 1984, Scott Hall would debut with future Bray Wyatt inspiration Dan Spivey as American Starship! After A year of frustration, Hall would leave Florida to go north to Minnesota to Verne Gange’s AWA where he would be pushed as their Hulk Hogan equivalent, having previously birthed the Hogan gimmick. While that didn’t quite work, Hall found success teaming with Curt Hennig winning the AWA World Tag Team Titles from “Rubbish” Ronnie Garvin and Steve Regal (not that one) in a fictitious off-screen 58-minute title match in Alburquerque, New Mexico to cover that Regal had left the company as champion!

Hating the cold weather and seeing AWA as a sinking ship, Hall would return south to join the newly renamed WCW as part of the company’s attempts to sign younger talent. However, his only notable match in this time was part of a “King of the Hill” two-ring Battle Royale at Great American Bash '89, in a losing effort to Dan Spivey and Sid Vicious.

Hall would bounce around various companies for the next 18 months (including a brief stint in New Japan) not ever really finding his footing in any of them. However, a return to WCW in 1991 for a gimmick and career revival, as The Diamond Studd, a protege of Diamond Dallas Page who was effectively a Rick Rude rip-off. After a strong summer squashing folk, Studd was rewarded with… THE CHAMBER OF HORRORS MATCH!!!

Hall would get injured shortly after killing his momentum but would form a brief stable with Vinnie Vargas (Kevin Nash) & Scotty Flamingo (Raven) as part of the Diamond Mine, and was considered to join Paul E’s Dangerous Alliance, but it fell through and he moved to the Fed shortly after.

Having pitched a Tony Montana/Scarface-aping character “as a joke” Vince and Pat Patterson loved it and immediately creating vignettes for the summer of '92 introducing “Razor Ramon”. Razor’s first angle came as he assisted Ric Flair re-gain the WWF Championship, defeating Macho Man Randy Savage on an episode of Prime Time Wrestling. Ramon and Flair would tag for Razor’s PPV debut would come at Survivor Series '92, originally booked against “The Ultimate Maniacs” Macho & Warrior, however, the latter was fired just before the event meaning Flair’s former executive Mr Perfect Curt Hennig teamed with Savage.

Also due to The Ultimate Warrior’s departure, Ramon got fast-tracked to a WWF World Heavyweight Title Match - his only ever shot at it! - against then-champion Bret Hart.

Ramon made his Wrestlemania debut in a short, forgettable match against Bob Backlund, which was only notable for Razor’s babyface reaction from the crowd, despite him working heel.

Razor suffered an upset loss to then-jobber The 1-2-3 Kid Sean Waltman, which would begin a slow face turn for Ramon. At King of the Ring, Ramon would have a fantastic encounter with Bret Hart on the way to the latter’s tournament victory.

Razor’s face turn was confirmed at Summerslam after he and 1-2-3 Kid become friends, and defeat Ted DiBiase in his final WWF match.

After Shawn Michaels is suspended as Intercontinental Champion for… reasons… Razor is given the rub after finishing in the final 2 of a 20-man Battle Royale with Rick Martel on RAW, with Ramon defeating Martel in the final a week later to win his first title in the Fed. After retaining in his first PPV defence vs I.R.S at Royal Rumble '94, Razor’s legendary feud with Shawn Michaels over the title he never lost would begin. The apex of which would be the WWF’s first-ever five-star match, according to Meltzer, the show-stealing Ladder match at Wrestlemania X.

Razor would lose the title a month later to Diesel (thanks to interference show Kliq-mate Shawn Michaels) but in the meantime before his rematch, Ramon gets to the King of the Ring “How Much Does This Guy Weigh?” 94’ Final, in a losing effort to Owen Hart.

At Summerslam, Ramon would regain the title thanks to Shawn Michaels accidentally super-kicking Diesel, recalling the exact way Razor dropped the title in the first place! However, Ramon & 1-2-3 Kid are unsuccessful in winning the tag titles off of Shawn & Diesel a month later at Action Zone.

He would then enter a feud with Jeff Jarrett over the IC Title, losing controversially at Royal Rumble '95, before winning against Jarrett via DQ, and thus not the title, at Wrestlemania XI!

Despite trading the title back and forth with Jarrett during the summer, Razor’s next big opportunity came in the form of a re-match in his iconic Ladder match with Shawn at Summerslam '95, this time in a losing effort.

Razor’s luck would pick up however as Shawn, ever the consummate professional he was at the time, forfeited the title to Dean Douglas after getting beaten up outside a nightclub in Syracuse, NY, an indignity not worse than putting Shane Douglas over on PPV. Razor won the title back in a throwaway match the same night at In Your House 4: Great White North against Douglas, becoming the first-ever 4-time IC champion and kicking off a decades-long gripe with the company from Shane, and with good cause!

In his final months with the company, Razor would lose the title to the newly debuting Goldust at Royal Rumble '96, thanks to a heel turn from 1-2-3 Kid which would lead to the infamous “Crybaby” match, in which Sean Waltman becomes The Little Bitch!

Razor was due to get his rematch with Goldust at Wrestlemania XII in a “Miami Street Fight” but was suspended for drug abuse, the beginning of a problem that would plague the rest of his career and simultaneously began his negotiations with WCW. In his final match, Razor put over Vader at IYH 7, before he and Nash departed for the south, following the infamous Curtain Call on their way out.

Weeks later, Scott Hall appeared on WCW Nitro for the first time, wearing street clothes and emerging from the crowd to interrupt a match, calling himself an “outsider” threatening to invade WCW television as a, at that point, “WWF guy”. Shortly after he is joined by Kevin Nash and “The Outsiders” are born. At Bash At The Beach, The Outsiders challenged WCW’s Sting, Lex Luger and Randy Savage only to be joined by “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan, forming the nWo brother!

After a summer of dominance, The Outsiders would win their first WCW World Tag Team Titles at Halloween Havoc, defeating Harlem Heat.

The Outsiders would bar a few small blips, hold the titles for the better part of a year, largely feuding with The Steiners, Lex Luger & The Giant, and The Four Horsemen, and even teamed up with their nWo Japan counterpart Masahiro Chono at the Osaka Dome to defeat The Steiners & Keiji Mutoh at NJPW Strong Style Evolution!

After a whole year of having the tag titles returned to them by Bischoff and using the Freebird rule with nWo members, Scott Hall & Syxx would finally lose the titles for real against The Steiners on an episode of Nitro in October '97, partly due to Kevin Nash’s legit injury. In the meantime, Scott Hall wins the 1997 World War 3 Match, making him the number 1 contender for the WCW World Heavyweight Title!

As the big gold belt was currently tied up between Sting and Hogan, with Nash fit again The Outsiders set their sights back onto the WCW World Tag Team Titles, hot potato-ing the titles back and forth with The Steiners again, until Superbrawl VIII where The Outsiders defiantly won the titles back thanks in no small part to Scott turning on Rick Steiner to join the nWo!

The next month, Scott Hall received his WCW World Heavyweight Title Match against Sting at Uncensored '98 but lost, despite interference from Dusty Rhodes.

Then… the wheels start to come off. Hall and Nash turn up to the next night’s Nitro out their respective boxes and are taken off TV to go to rehab while still being Tag Team Champions, no less. Upon their return, Nash would turn on Hogan forming nWo Wolfpac with Hall initially by his side, however, at their title defence at Slamboree, Hall would show his colours by turning on Nash, costing them the titles to Sting & The Giant and rejoining Hogan’s nWo Hollywood faction. The tag titles would get mixed up in a blender between these four and their respective nWo factions, with each of them holding them during the summer, until Hall & The Giant (Hollywood) won definitively the titles from Nash & Sting (Wolfpac) on the July 20th episode of Nitro (still following?) This was a big win for Hall as he had recently lost to Goldberg, earning him a title shot against Hogan, and was being blamed as the nWo Hollywood’s “weak link”.

This “weak link” storyline progresses into very dodgy territory as they blame Halls real-life substance abuse as the cause of his weakness. Hall was replaced by Scott Steiner as tag champion and partner to The Giant, who lost the titles at Halloween Havoc '98 to Rick Steiner and Buff Bagwell despite the latter turning on Rick and leaving the match. Later that same night, a visibly “kayfabe” intoxicated Hall would show up for his grudge match with Nash, who delivered two jackknife powerbombs and then walked out, losing by DQ, as to not “defeat” his struggling best friend, problematic!

Hall was ejected from nWo shortly after picking up the name “lone wolf” but would return to the family by assisting Nash to pick up the WCW World Heavyweight Title from Goldberg, by interfering in the match dressed as a security guard and jobbing out Bill with a stun gun, effectively ending WCW/NWO’s two and a half years of dominance. The next month Goldberg would get his revenge on Hall in a surprisingly entertaining “Ladder Stun-Gun” match at Souled Out.

Things were starting to look up for Hall as next month he defeated Roddy Piper for the WCW United States Title, and a reunited Outsiders would defeat Konnan & Rey Misterio Jr. in a Hair vs Mask match, meaning the latter would have to unmask for the rest of his run with WCW!

And then, just as he had some momentum going, Hall suffered a foot injury which sidelined him for most of the year, a year in which WCW fell apart as a company and looked very different by the time he returned. Towards the end of the year, Hall returned and regained the U.S Title he never lost and became a double champion winning the T.V title after it was forfeited by Rick Steiner! Hall defended both at Mayhem '99 against Booker T.

This success wouldn’t last long, however, as Hall would put the T.V Title in the trash, and in almost karmic justice, Hall would then lose the title due to injury while defending against Chris Benoit at Starrcade, shortly before he would leave for WWF. Hall’s final act in WCW was joining nWo 2000 and being placed in a triple threat for the World Title with stablemate Jeff Jarrett against Sid Vicious at SuperBrawl 2000, to only shortly after, be fired while on tour in Germany after cheating on one of the show’s production assistants who also happened to be the niece of TNT President Brad Siegel.

After very brief stints in ECW and NJPW during 2000-01, Hall would return to the WWF in early 2002 along with his original nWo stablemates Kevin Nash & Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Hall & Nash feuded with Stone Cold Steve Austin, while Hogan went after The Rock, as the nWo, under Vince’s instructions, attempted to kill his own company. Hall & Hogan would lose their respective matches at Wrestlemania X-8, with the latter turning babyface and leaving the nWo behind.

In the aftermath, Hogan was replaced by (lol) X-Pac and they began feuding with Kane. Notable protector of the bullied, Bradshaw, took offence to not being able to be the bully himself, presumably, and stood up for Kane to take on Scott Hall in a match at Backlash which absolutely no one remembers. Hall would win thanks to an assist from X-Pac

Shortly after, Hall would pass out during the infamous “plane ride from hell” and be released from the company to deal with his personal struggles, while Nash would get immediately injured tagging into a match on Raw, effectively killing WWF (now E) nWo on arrival.

The next decade or so featured Hall bouncing in and out of TNA while his health and drug abuse rapidly declined. Hall appeared at the very first TNA event and headlined a few weeks later losing to Jeff Jarrett in a stretcher match. He would later get an NWA World Heavyweight Title Match vs Ron Killings but lose and leave shortly after. Hall would return as TNA began their monthly PPVs in late 2004, forming “The Kings of Wrestling” stable with Nash and Jarrett, taking on A.J Styles, Jeff Hardy & Randy Savage at Turning Point. A month later Hall would face Jeff Hardy in a singles match with all sorts of daemons surrounding it, including Roddy Piper as the referee.

Hall would return in 2007 and re-unite The Outsiders with Kevin Nash, this time with Samoa Joe as part of the stable. The three were due to take on The Angle Alliance (Kurt Angle, A.J Styles & Tomko) however Hall no-showed, at the time claiming due to “food poisoning” but later, according to Nash, because Hall didn’t think Joe was “worth the rub” in an old school bit of politicking. In frustration, Joe would shoot rant on TNA’s lack of organisation while introducing new tag partner Eric Young, directing his ire at Dixie Carter, who would become a Vince McMahon-like on-screen character shortly after as a result.

Despite the resentment from TNA towards Hall for going into business for himself, Hall still, amazingly, returned, once in the crowd hanging out with Insane Clown Posse, and again in 2010, though granted that was thanks to Hogan & Bischoff’s reign of terror, reforming “The Band” with Nash and Waltman. Hall and Nash would take on Team 3D in a cage match at Lockdown, before going on to win The Tag Titles one last time as Hall and Nash would defeat Matt Morgan (lol, the sole champion of the tag team belts) on the May 4th episode of Impact. A month later, however, Hall would finally be fully released from TNA and mainstream wrestling in general, for ongoing drug and legal problems after being arrested for drunken and disorderly behaviour while resisting a cop, vacating the belts in the process.

Hall’s next few years were miserable, showing up to indie shows intoxicated and out of shape and generally becoming an embarrassment. At his most fragile, ESPN featured him in a short documentary E:60, where he candidly discussed his problems while still in the midst of them. A year later, after being arrested for a domestic disturbance while intoxicated, Diamond Dallas Page would take him and Jake The Snake Roberts into his home, and reform both, essentially saving their lives. For having put the work in and getting clean, Hall (as Razor Ramon) was rewarded with his entry to the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014 and an appearance in the incredibly silly D-X/WWF vs nWo/WCW match at Wrestlemania 31 a year later.

Favourite Match/Moment
  • Scott Hall vs Dan Spivey vs Sid Vicious vs Bill Irwin vs Brian Pillman vs Eddie Gilbert vs Kevin Sullivan vs Mike Rotunda vs Ranger Ross vs Rick Steiner vs Ron Simmons vs Scott Steiner vs Terry Gordy (“King Of The Hill” Two-Ring Battle Royale, NWA The Great American Bash '89)
  • El Gigante & Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner & Sting vs. Abdullah The Butcher & Big Van Vader & Cactus Jack & The Diamond Studd (“Chamber Of Horrors” Match, WCW Halloween Havoc '91)
  • Mr Perfect & Randy Savage vs. Razor Ramon & Ric Flair (WWF Survivor Series '92)
  • Bret Hart vs. Razor Ramon (WWF World Heavyweight Title Match, Royal Rumble '93)
  • Razor Ramon vs. Bob Backlund (WrestleMania IX)
  • Bret Hart vs. Razor Ramon (King Of The Ring '93)
  • Razor Ramon vs. Ted DiBiase (SummerSlam '93)
  • Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels (WWF Intercontinental Title Ladder Match, WrestleMania X)
  • Owen Hart vs. Razor Ramon (King Of The Ring Final '94)
  • Razor Ramon vs. Diesel (WWF Intercontinental Title Match, SummerSlam '94)
  • Diesel & Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon & The 1-2-3 Kid (WWF Tag Team Titles, Action Zone #2)
  • Jeff Jarrett vs. Razor Ramon (WWF Intercontinental Title Match, Royal Rumble '95)
  • Razor Ramon vs. Jeff Jarrett (WWF Intercontinental Title Match, WrestleMania XI)
  • Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon (WWF Intercontinental Title Ladder Match, SummerSlam '95)
  • Goldust vs. Razor Ramon (WWF Intercontinental Title Match, Royal Rumble '96)
  • Razor Ramon vs. The 1-2-3 Kid (“Crybaby” Match, In Your House 6: Rage In The Cage)
  • Vader vs. Razor Ramon (WWF In Your House 7: Good Friends, Better Enemies)
  • Hulk Hogan & Kevin Nash & Scott Hall vs. Lex Luger & Randy Savage & Sting (6-Person Tag, WCW Bash At The Beach '96)
  • Kevin Nash & Scott Hall vs. Booker T. & Stevie Ray (WCW World Tag Team Title Match, Halloween Havoc '96)
  • The Outsiders & Masahiro Chono vs The Steiners & Keiji Mutoh (NJPW Strong Style Evolution '97)
  • Scott Hall wins World War 3 '97! (3-Ring, 60 Person Battle Royale)
  • Kevin Nash & Scott Hall vs. Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner (WCW World Tag Team Titles, SuperBrawl VIII)
  • Sting vs. Scott Hall (WCW World Heavyweight Title, Uncensored '98)
  • Scott Hall & The Giant vs. Kevin Nash & Sting (WCW World Tag Team Titles, Nitro Jul 20th 1998)
  • Goldberg vs. Scott Hall (Ladder Stun-Gun Match, Souled Out '99)
  • Kevin Nash & Scott Hall vs. Konnan & Rey Misterio, Jr. (Hair Vs. Mask Match, SuperBrawl IX)
  • Scott Hall vs. Booker T. (WCW United States Title & World Television Title, Mayhem '99)
  • Sid Vicious vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Scott Hall (Triple-Threat WCW World Heavyweight Title Match, SuperBrawl 2000)
  • Steve Austin vs. Scott Hall (WrestleMania X8)
  • Scott Hall vs. Bradshaw (Backlash '02)
  • A.J. Styles & Jeff Hardy & Randy Savage vs. Jeff Jarrett & Kevin Nash & Scott Hall (6-Person Tag, TNA Turning Point '04)
  • Jeff Hardy vs. Scott Hall (Referee: Roddy Piper, TNA Final Resolution '05)
  • Brother Devon & Brother Ray vs. Kevin Nash & Scott Hall (Steel Cage, TNA Lockdown '10)
  • “Hard work pays off. Dreams come true. Bad times don’t last, but bad guys do.” — Hall’s WWE Hall of Fame induction speech, April 2014

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Another awesome entry. How long does it take you to get all this information together and write it all out?

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An afternoon? About 4/5 hours I guess

I still remember seeing that match between “Little Bitch” and Hall where Kid surprise rolls him up, it was so shocking back then, as he was almost a robber.
As for Hall, I loved his Razor gimmick in the Fed. I do wonder what he could have done, had he not had the substance abuse issues and he stayed in WWF. I think Vince was fairly high on him and I reckon he could have potentially become the Champion.

Still, so happy he’s clean and looking a lot better for it.

That ESPN 30 documentary is soo sad, but worth watching, if you’ve never seen it. Just have a box of tissues by the side

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Seriously, awesome effort. You should get Jay from OSW to give you a job somehow

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Given a 4 as he was very talented and deserved better but was always overshadowed by others and then his own personal daemons

I would love that to be fair, although tbh half this shit I’ve learnt from him! :sweat_smile:

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Gone for a 3. Loved his gimmick and charisma, but really feels like a missed opportunity

Obviously the ladder match with HBK at Mania is essential viewing


The summerslam one a year later is great too just doesn’t get remembered because ugh 1995 WWF

By the way I’m aware AJ Styles won a poll he’s …just made the list! Just wanted to get these two out the way together

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Echo the sentiments above about missed potential. Right up to the end in WWF he was having good matches and involved in engaging storyline’s. I know he didn’t love that final piece with Goldust but it did seem like he was destined for the top of the card in the wwf and despite the nWo and all that happened from that he never really hit the heights it looked like he was going to in wwf. Probably fair to say I always liked but never loved him.

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My favourite thing about him is Fire Pro’s summary



Always forget just how tall he is, I guess because we was stood next to the even taller Nash

Seems like a good enough place to bump

AJ Styles is owed a thread and could well be next, but just out of pure interest

Who’s next
  • Bob Backlund
  • 1-2-3 Kid/Syxx/X PAC
  • Jeff Jarrett
  • Goldust
  • Lex Luger
  • Kannan
  • Rey Mysterio Jr.
  • Sid Vicious
  • A.J Styles
  • Jeff Hardy
  • Samoa Joe

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new thread being built if anyone has any final (or just any) comments on the big mang

We move on: