🤼‍♂ How Good of a Wrestler Were They Really? 🤼‍♀ #5 JOHN CENA 🤙

Alright! Sorry for the delay I got caught up in a work call but this might not be the busiest thread anyway, who knows?

Wrestler Rating
Stone Cold Steve Austin 4.36
Bret Hart 4.07
CM PUNK 3.85

Alright, our most recent entry scores a respectable 3.2. Now after an overwhelming poll vote its time for JOOOOOOHHHHHN CEEEEENAAAAAAA


How big is big match John?

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  • John Cena vs Edge Ladder Match (Backlash 2006)
  • John Cena vs Shawn Michaels (Wrestlemania 23)
  • John Cena vs CM Punk (Money in the Bank 2011)
  • John Cena vs Daniel Bryan (Summerslam 2013)
  • John Cena vs Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar (Royal Rumble 2015)
  • John Cena vs Kein Owens (Money in the Bank 2015)
  • John Cena vs Seth Rollins (Summerslam 2015)
  • John Cena vs AJ Styles (Summerslam 2016)
  • John Cena vs AJ Styles (Royal Rumble 2017)

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Fucking love the bloke


Going to completely be a hypocrite from what I said previously in that their personal lives shouldn’t influence votes, cause he seems an utterly superb guy. The amount of stuff he does outside in the ring, and even when he was active to just make a kid’s day is remarkable

He’s also great in Blockers and Trainwreck


Really nice guy, great look and charisma. Average worker at best, better workers like Bryan, Punk or AJ can get something out of him but when he’s forced to lead the matches are bad. AND HE CALLS HIS SPOTS TOO DAMN LOUD. Responsible for some of the biggest ‘big match feel’ moments of the last 20 years, but also years and years of repetitive and weak sports entertainment nonsense.
He’s a 3, presented as a 5.


Remember how shocking this was. Genuinely felt like the start of a turning point

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Not the most exciting wrestler but my word what a guy.

Absolutely love him.

Considering bumping him to a 5 but probably rounding down to a 4

Also shoutout to his wwe title match with RVD at ECW ONS 2006. The crowd were a massive factor but he played his part to perfection and with a genuine graciousness. Really made the occasion.

Technically his match with the Rock was the biggest ppv draw wwe ever had too, that’s got to count for something, even if Rock was embarrassing him on the mic every week for fun


Gotta be a 3 for me. If his character had changed and he did go heel, it may have been higher, but his face run was waaaay too long and got really stale and boring.
He really should have put the Nexus over or at least Wade Barrett, as that storyline was lightning in a bottle and was completely killed off by him winning at every point

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The rise of Cena caused me to give up on WWE altogether. Just can’t stand him on the mic or in the ring. I thought that if I’m to be expected to cheer for this dude for the next 15-20 years then I’m out. Haven’t looked back.

Seems like a lovely bloke outside of the ring. If the thread were called, “How Much of a Lovely Person Were They Really?” he’d have to get at least a 4. As a wrestler it’s a 1.


Ah ffs I did the poll in a bit of a rush so knew I’d forget something

A 1! Christ man, surely his good matches justify more than that? I know he was an overbooked mess for almost a decade but he’s also provided some of the biggest moments of the last decade or so

  • Let’s go cena
  • Cena sucks

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I haven’t seen any of those matches tbf. Once it was clear he was going to be The Guy for WWE I gave up on the whole thing. I simply do not care for the man or his shenanigans.


Think I’m of a similar persuasion as Colossal horse on this. In the early 2000s when the new generation were coming through it was clear it wasn’t going to be for me. Hated Cenas persona, shtick and in ring performances.
Can’t see me!
Fine John, fine.


really underrated in the ring. not a natural athlete so looks sort of awkward and clumsy at the time, but he’s had so many good matches that at some point you’ve got to just accept that he is really good. basically every match of US title open challenge run was a banger

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this was at the height of everyone hating him and just listen to that pop, so good


He can be led well, but that’s really as far as it goes

Ok, I can see why that would temper your expectations then, however, I would highly recommend checking any of those matches from this decade, they’re really good. He had a complete turnaround after letting Lesnar completely dominate him in 2014

if he only had a couple of good matches I’d say you’re right, but there’s so many they can’t all be the other guy? he’s being led by umaga?