📺 How Good Was it Really?: BBC's Pride and Prejudice 📺

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Today it’s time for the BBC’s 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice.

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Voted 1 to troll @Gnometorious. 5

edit: also, I believe it’s officially known as the BBC’s 1995 adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.




Never seen it but I bet it’s shit and boring because it’s based on a shit and boring book


love it. 5
bigly into romantic historical drama but was a bit sceptical that a 90s BBC version would look at bit dated and ropey like 70s Poldark or something. not at all though looks lovely.

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FO, M.
Bet you’ve never read the book, you ignorant swine.

I wouldn’t slag it off if I hadn’t read it.

Fuuuuuck. Got work to do so will have to do my big post on this later.
For now I’ll just leave you with.
Oh, Mr Darcy!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
SWOOOOOON :heart_eyes:

You can’t have read it.
It’s the opposite of shit and boring.

Shit like this resulted in Downton Abbey.
Think on.

The BBC… Jane Austen…

It’s Jane Austen.


thanks, ed.

1 from me because it’s about posh people

Woah! hold on just one minute. Downton Abbey was thoroughly enjoyable.


also gave me renewed appreciation for my fave film.


4/5. It is a brilliant adaptation of a very good novel by a brilliantly subversive novel written by a woman about a women that actually skewers the male dominance in society then, and now, with pin point accuracy.

Its also acted within an inch of its life.

Mrs Bennett can do one, though.


Colin Firth swam in his long johns!

I thought people weren’t allowed to vote unless they had actually seen or listened to stuff?
Bam this sick filth.

I’ve seen bits of costume dramas before and I see the picture at the top, I know the story is about posh folks, it’s a protest vote

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