📺 How Good Was it Really?: Boardwalk Empire 📺

Rank Show Rating
1 The Wire 4.75
2 The Sopranos 4.57
3 Deadwood 4.43
4 Twin Peaks 4.32
5 Mad Men 4.25
6 Generation Kill 4.06
7 Breaking Bad 4.01
8 Show Me a Hero 4
9 Friday Night Lights 3.89
10 Twin Peaks: The Return 3.89
11 The Corner 3.85
12 Six Feet Under 3.83
13 Homicide: Life on the Street 3.68
14 Star Trek: The Next Generation 3.63
15 This Life 3.6
16 Buffy the Vampire Slayer 3.45
17 Veronica Mars 3.33
18 Pride and Prejudice 3.3
19 Treme 3.22
20 The X-Files 3.19
21 Star Trek: The Original Series 3.16
22 Gilmore Girls 3.09
23 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 2.95
24 Sex and the City 2.59
25 Angel 2.55
26 Skins 2.46
R Lost 2.39
R Star Trek: Voyager 2.37
R Star Trek: Enterprise 2.06

You asked for it. We’re doing it.

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We only saw one or two episodes so I won’t rate the series but it didn’t really grab us. Well done and everything but somehow not compelling as setup.

Think it’s definitely underrated. Not in the top tier but wasn’t far off at times. 4/5


Think it fell away towards the end, but I really enjoyed it. 4/5

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haven’t seen a second of it



Loved it, but

Killing jimmy off too soon
Too sprawling/convoluted at times
Never quite convinced by buscemis casting

Means its not quite 5-worthy.


Some incredible performances (harrow, rothstein, Capone) and episodes in there though.

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This…but did mean it was very unexpected… to me.

Not seen it all so won’t vote. But it’s pretty good but definitely not up there with the best stuff

Also wasn’t fully convinced by Kelly MacDonalds character

One of the most disappointing TV shows ever given the pedigree behind it.

Was never really compelling enough. Buscemi didn’t really convince. Why kill Jimmy Darmody off so early? Paz De La Huertas ever-changing plastic surgery botchjob. Shannon’s character is wild, too. Absolutely all over the place.

I gave up around series 3. A shame. It coulda been great.

Nah, hes great in this.

Yeah, I agree with his acting being great. I just thought his character was a bit poorly-written.

Enjoyed the 1st couple of series, killing off Jimmy was a turning point. Was pretty bored by the end, can’t really remember what happened. 3/5

Killing Jimmy was necessary wasn’t it? The actor was an absolute nightmare to work with apparently

Agree about the impact it had on the show

Thought it got close to that absolute top tier in series two and three (iirc?) but fell off in the last couple.

Gyp Rosetti was such a brilliant character


Shout out to Meyer Lansky as well


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+ stephen root


Criminally underrated.

Probably requires a second viewing tbf as it is incredibly dense and each scene does so much work.

When you’ve watched the entire thing and go back to the pilot episode it really is remarkable as it essentially sets out the entirety of what is going to follow.

Gretchen Mol’s character and performance is really at the heart of it all but she seldom seems to get much recognition.

Shes so good in this.


Watched the first 6 or 7 episodes of the first series and then just stopped and felt no urge to go back to it at all. It was obviously extremely well made but I found it very dull.

5, but nearly had to deduct a point because Canadian club whiskey is bloody awful