How Good Was It Really?: Breaking Bad




It has been the source of a lot of discussion on these boards. Many think it is one of the greatest TV shows ever. Others don’t. But who is right? We shall put the argument to bed forever with the use of a lovely poll.

The ratings so far:

Show Average Rating
The X-Files 3.19
Malcolm in the Middle 3.18
Only Fools and Horses 2.94
Goodnight Sweetheart 2.11


1 = very bad show
5 = very good show

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absolute load of shite


I know you are but what’s breaking bad?


More like Breaking Wind!!!

(I enjoy it but acknowledge that A Masterpiece it ain’t.)


It was an absolutely exceptional piece of narrative drama that is inevitably diminished by knowing what happens next. That lack of rewatch value means it’s not in the true upper echelons but I can’t remember being quite so wrapped up in the tension of any other show whilst watching it for the first time.

It also, definitely benefitted from having a traditional once-a-week structure, the cliffhangers were the most important part in many ways, being able to binge it would inevitably lessen the impact of them.


Just a load of blokes being dicks, isn’t it?


What, DiS?


First two series were great, fell off a gigantic cliff after that. Better Call Saul is much better.


Its truly a great show but doesn’t stand up to repeat viewing like better shows do (Mad Men, Sopranos, Wire, Orm & Cheep)


Great show, ruined by mysoginistic fanbase who were really against Skyler being annoyed her husband was cooking meth.

Have rewatched several times because I like the characters and escalation of it so much, but can understand why the cliffhanger wouldnt lend itself to that sort of thing


Not seen it, probably shit for wankers though isn’t it?


Yup. Definitely suffers a bit of Fight Club syndrome innit where it’s read as aspirational as opposed to a cautionary tale.


it’s a TV show and I like it!


Personally, I love Breaking Bad. I thought it was fun and exhilarating for the majority of its run. It was unbearably tense at times, and some individual episodes are the among the finest I’ve seen (Crawl Space, Ozymandias).

Season 2 was shite, mind.


It’s bloody excellent.



can’t watch it again though because SPOILERS I get too sad when Jesse’s girlfriend dies


Yep. I think with BCS making the themes of a fall from grace more clear that maybe (MAYBE) the Reddit posting bit of the fanbase might understand that Walt is not a good guy


Also, I could have done without the cousins.

But on the whole, it’s a fantastic show.


v much this