How Good Was It Really?: Breaking Bad


tbf if that happened, I’d be worried regardless of the existence of season 2 of Fargo


can’t even remember that episode


Meth Damon shoots a child at the end


Each to their own Bam. Obviously they’re cartoons, but funny cartoons and well-acted.


oh I do remember a child being shot, meth damon? matt damon? I’m confused


cause he looks a bit like Matt Damon


oh damn now I hate it/the internet


And he cooks meth


Never forget


With the tweet directly before makes for a hell of a guiltlol


Not read the thread. Started off good, got silly with the twins and him taking on drug cartels n that.


cudnt agree more


fuck’s sake japes, i was with you until you had to start senselessly bashing the greatest tv show of all time


fwiw i thought the treatment of female characters throughout this programme was pretty terrible - they’re all written in a way that you’re seemingly meant to dislike all of them, and also there’s barely any of them


Yes! The hell with these tail-enders!

Cannot wait for HGWIR: LOST


But the best written band in screen history.


There was a band?

Hurley Lewis and The News?


Drive Shaft you luddite!


Very much enjoyed watching it through at the time but not a show I have any desire to rewatch.

Feels like it was largely based on suspense which would render a rewatch quite boring, but I think I’ve also been put off a bit by its biggest fans being very tiresome


Drive Shit more like.