How Good Was It Really?: Breaking Bad


Just want to chip in and say that the scene in the home depot where TV on the Radio plays in the background is fucking great and probably the best monent in the whole show.

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The season when Skyler is upset is a real slog. Total change of pace.

Absolutely no desire to watch it again. Enjoyable enough at the time. Nothing spectacular.


Not as good as Dollhouse but significantly better than Only Fools and Horses, which I only gave 1 point because 0 wasn’t an option. the


mate I love lost


Saw this on youtube ages before I’d watched any of the show. Wasn’t sure what was going on.


Never watched it all but the bits i did see seemed really silly, far-fetched, melodramatic, heavy-handed, etc etc. Probably the nadir of this whole ‘immoral people are so badass!’ thing as well when you see people calling themselves Heisenberg and thinking he’s the hero of the show.

Also all that ridiculous ‘the colour of the tablecloth symbolises Walt’s rage!’ etc


My English literature degree feels personally attacked.


Your first point is valid but really that’s just idiots interpreting the show in their own way. Pretty sure I remember Gilligan being annoyed that people were worshipping Walt and vehemently despised Skyler.

As for the tablecloth, whilst I agree it’s a bit silly, the characters did all wear the same colours for the majority of the last couple of seasons, so the showrunners clearly wanted something to be read into.


It’s a criticism of (sections of) the viewership yeah. I’m not qualified enough to say whether the showrunners/writers played up to it at times. I am very tired of that whole format though. The Americans is another example.


Yeah, antihero leads are the second most tired trope in film & tv right now, just behind wisecracking male lead.


Love the bit when he throws the pizza on the roof.


Last chance to vote on this. I’ve decided I’ll post these each WEDNESDAY as a bit of a midweek treat.


Are you taking requests? Reckon the friends could be good for BEEVES


Yeah, will hit all of the major shows eventually anyway though, gonna try and do one biggun (sopranos, wire, friends, lost etc) one week then a smaller one like a BBC comedy another.


Hope you never read the Twin Peaks reddit or Boards of Canada forums…


It’s OK. Stopped watching halfway through the penultimate season, just got a bit bored of it.


I loved Walter’s cream Clarks Wallabees


late take in solidarity with japes: breaking bad is super overrated and probably a crypto job. rick and morty for boomers. cheers.


So actually good but ruined by its fans? I gotcha