📺 How Good Was It Really?: Breaking Bad 📺

Ah yeah there is that slump where very, very little happens in S2/3 isn’t there :grimacing:

was season 2 chicken man?

I don’t even mind that so much, it was more the plane stuff which was just ludicrous.

I think I must have been one of the only people who fucking loved that


Silly fun and well acted, got a bit too silly as it went on but was always well structured and watchable. Nowhere near the top tier of TV dramas and not as good as better call Saul, though

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Might make this a regular friday thread?

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also v much this.

Like I remember I watched it a few years after it had totally finished, so after all the heated discussions had largely died down. I was really surprised to see how much vitriol there was towards that character; I thought she seemed fairly reasonable, and that the show itself presented her as such.

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I missed the Only Fools and Horses one. Only 2.94? Malcolm in the Middle is a better programme?? That’s absolute madness.

Breaking Bad’s the very definition of a 4/5 programme. Great fun.

Yeah you’ve absolutely nailed it here. Extremely gripping at the time in a way I can’t think of many other shows, but without the cliffhangers and speculation week in week out, I can’t imagine it being as enjoyable. Exceptionally put together show but people sometimes want to include it in the conversation with yer Wires and Sopranos which is clearly bollocks.

Better Call Saul is better.

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Side note: I think I’m the only one who found BCS boring.

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yes. but please can you make the poll results viewable? it’s doing my nut.


don’t think something needs to be re-watchable to be great though.


Obviously Malcolm is far better than OFAH, on account of it being really funny and smart and not something that my stepdad watches

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It’s so fucking good, man. If you’ve jumped off the ship I really recommend getting back onboard for the latest season.

nah this is the only way to avoid people voting based on what they see others doing. Stay strong Juke!


post them whenever you feel like it


I agree. I do think it’s great btw, I just don’t think it’s quite as great as some people think.

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people don’t do that, do they?

I think some of the silliness (probably wouldn’t choose that word meself, but it’s cropping up here soooo) of it is what puts it above a lot of “golden age TV”, which I think sometimes is guilty of being so po-faced and humourless as to pretend to be more high-brow than it actually is?


Fucking love that better call Saul has the bravery (wrong word maybe) to be as glacially paced as it is, can completely see why some people think it’s boring (because they are wrong and smell)