How Good Was It Really?: Breaking Bad


bet they do. Something If I think something is a 5 and everyone else is a 1 I’ll think “ok better put 4 so I’m not being a contrary dick”


I loved the cliffhangers, and I loved listening to the Bald Move and Ones Who Knock podcasts after each episode, so much fun speculation as to where it was going next. Same thing with GoT, I think it’s part of the reason I love those shows so much.


The Fly episode

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The man doth project too much, methinks.


Haha FINE from next week

Maybe, I’ll think about it


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Rian Johnson :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


it made no fucking sense. characters would just complete 180 on however they had been previously written just for the sake of a cliffhanger ending.

the whole thing was completely hollow


My wife also did


Idk, people seem to like the mystery :man_shrugging:


I don’t remember much of that tbf. Any specific examples?


it was quite good
probably the most talked about show ever though? like every possible opinion has already been stated so nut sure what to add really


Oh was that him? I generally like him but I thought that ep was self-indulgent boring bollocks I’m afraid


make them viewable just for profk!


I watched all of the first season and found myself getting irritated by things like “It’s all good, man” and the electro-phobe guy.

Watched the first one of two of the second season and then just never felt like watching it anymore. I didn’t want to know what happened because nothing was happening.




He also did Ozymandias and Fifty-One


probably because it was about drugs and in the current culture everyone likes to think about cool bad drug people sometimes


Was only made for budgetary reasons, so I’m cool with it being self-indulgent. Thought it was pretty good as a character piece.


And she’s the coolest person you know.

I hope this means I’m now the second coolest.


I love a little side detour in a series, Sopranos had loads of great stuff like this. It’s nice to have a break from the plot sometimes