How Good Was It Really?: Breaking Bad


what was mike’s deal again other than being miserable all the time?


not really. can’t remember most of it.


I sing the whole way through the sopranos. Nobody will watch it with me


You watched BCS?


It is! I didn’t know it could do that. New poll magic


nah, I don’t really like spin-offs they’re a bit cringey


best 3 are Jesse Hank and Marie


This one isn’t


its mike, but nearly nearly nearly is Hank


this one is excellent, you should watch it bam


Really really good!

Not sure anumanything is to be gained from a rewatch tho!



not cringey at all, barely a spin-off tbh

  • Breaking bad
  • Freaking fad
  • Creaking cad

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Hank was such a perfect (if a little cartoonish) sketch of that kinda macho but insecure guy


Fucking LOVE BB - fully agree with the comments about the cliffhangers really making it

Love BCS too

couldn’t give any less of a shit about dickheads watching it “wrong” - dickheads gonna dickhead


fuck it, changing my vote


I rewatched BB a couple of years ago and it surprised me how much of a jerk Hank is in the first season


I just wish they’d leave characters alone once an arc is done, don’t need to know how Han made the kestrel run in 15 parsecs or whatever the fuck


thank god someone on the internet said this


he’s definitely the funniest character in his early form