How Good Was It Really?: Breaking Bad


yeah kinda a common character type but really really well realised


It’s a prequel so they kinda do. It’s creating an arc, if anything.


think the actor was a really great fit


I loved how he wasn’t the typical incompetent cop though. He was a very real threat to Walt’s wrongdoings.


There’s a (mostly self-contained) episode in the first season of BCS that explains all of Mike’s back story and it’s one of the best hours of telly I’ve seen


BCS explains mike’s backstory in a satisfactory way


We didn’t see anything approaching a full arc for Saul or Mike though.


the makers talked about this - he was deff just meant to be just a jock irritant for Walter early on


Fair enough but personally don’t need to though. All adds to the improbability of TV stuff for me when every character from a story has some mad history that led to them meeting at key moments, makes it hard for me to suspend my disbelief.


ah just his shitty heh-heh laugh is so perfect


was just thinking that :smiley:


I thought exactly the same when they announced it fwiw. In execution it’s spectacular though.


ooops nearly messed up at work


imagine working with someone called ‘Hank’ :smiley:


Ok so. I think it’s really good (mostly)

But I have no idea how the hell anyone has ever binge watched it. I basically stopped watching 2 years ago, halfway through season 4 because I found it quite draining and stressful to watch with all the big cliffhangers etc (also the last time I watched it was at a friend’s in Amsterdam and it was an unhappy trip). Do intend to finish it but definitely need to be in a certain mood to watch it.

Also find Skylar extremely annoying in season 1 and 2. She has every right to be, but… she’s still annoying.


I was very nearly named Hank. True story.


He’s not even the best fictional TV character Hank, mates


I watched it over a month or so after borrowing the DVDs from a friend, it was pretty brutal in parts. I was thankful for the silly episodes and some of the stuff that just focused on them making money and ended up dreading any scenes with Walt and Skyler which I guess was the point.


nah he’s just a great character to play off Walter and highlight his anxiousness and superiority complex


actually had a professor called Hank
once sent him an email misspelling his name as ‘Henk’ and in his reply he misspelt my name, also replacing the A with an E