How Good Was It Really?: Breaking Bad




The bit in the first series where he goes to see the drug lord guy and does his chemistry thang is fantastic. Properly exhilarating.


good when Hank gets into collecting rocks isn’t it


top posting, shrawbia


They turn him around pretty quick in S2 when he gets pstd. Really love the switch around on his character




would be great to be a TV writer and just work on side characters, work in subtle little digs to people you used to know



Your godamn right breaking bad was excellent. I really liked how one moment you loved a character and then the next you hated them.


really want to watch Malcolm in the Middle again now

sort yr shit out Netflix


am i the only one that thinks it’s rubbish then?

really surprised about that. it has all the classic hallmarks of being hated on DiS.


Yeah he’s a good character. Not the best TV hank though


can’t think of any others?


I think it’s simultaneously good and overrated


I just couldn’t get into it at all. I quite like the premise, but I simply didn’t give a damn about any of the characters. Sacked it off a couple of episodes into S2.


No, I couldn’t get beyond the first episode.


Lydia should have been the best character but they didn’t make her the best character iygm


i’d put it in the same vein as lost.

ie total trash but you could still enjoy it. find it so weird that people think it’s actually good or well written.



Ooof. Not having that, Lost was directionless horseshit they made up as they went along.