How Good Was It Really?: Breaking Bad


ah yeah! Yeah that was the best hank you’re right


exactly! absolutely not having that breaking bad was written with any kind of arc. they just pulled bits of paper out of a bucket for each episode

[skylar] [kills] [gus]

[walt] [saves] [hank]

[jesse] [argues with] [jesse]


Why don’t you like it?


what’s a good TV show japes?

Trying to get your frame of reference for good narrative


BB definitely went on a season or 2 too long, but it never dropped to lost levels (I tapped out halfway through season 2 of lost and it had already gone completely off the rails, no idea how they got 6 seasons out of it)


Cannot wait for the Lost thread


It had its arc from the start - the descent of Walter White and how that affected everyone he came into contact with.

Sure, it was drawn out and often ridiculous, but it never moved an island and then had a hatch and look now there’s a polar bear and some mist and oh we’re all dead.


never watched lost but always assumed it was a meta-commentary on how people watch TV shows


the wire was pretty good


Also, not a single well written character in Lost.


not seen it, all the smart people like it so it puts me off


yeah, you’d probably hate it




This is a fascinating opinion to me. There are so, so many tv shows that this applies to. I never got that sense at all from BB though.




Nah, it’s really nothing that clever. It’s the only thing worse than Twin Peaks for people spaffing over something that makes no sense.



(for real though can’t imagine how anyone could enjoy it after constantly hearing it’s the greatest show of all time. at most you’ll think it’s fine)


my ears are burning

fire spaff with me etc


Anyway, we’re ruining the BB thread.

Lydia was great huh? And Huel was good comic relief.


Right with you on both points. I’ve rewatched the whole series three times.

As for Skyler, speaking as a bloke who had only just come out of a sticky period in my relationship where I had behaved pretty terribly I thought the scenes where she confronted Walt were extremely well-written and acted.