How Good Was It Really?: Breaking Bad


yeah this is the problem with great TV if you don’t catch it at the time, always huge sense of pressure to enjoy it


Love BB and I binged it all the way up until season 6 - was completely exhilarating as other people have said.

Also loved how many amazing comedy moments there were, especially for a show with such a bleak concept


FFS where is Badger?!


I sort of agree I think. Like the overarching plot was relatively tight but felt like, in later series, there was a lot of inserting new antagonists and twists just to make sure every episode ended in a cliffhanger. Also just meant that nothing really stuck as an emotional hook for me, cause there was something else that was THE BIGGEST THING EVER in every episode. If everything’s important, nothings important, or something


Oh yeah forgot about the nazis they introduced in the last season when they ran out of baddies, that was pretty silly wasn’t it


Yeah Meth Damon was great, but the nazis were well shit.


Can’t believe meth Damon is marrying Kirsten Dunst irl


personally thought Jesse’s stupid friends were one of the worst parts of the show


my grans called marie but i wont be doing this. not just because she hasnt seen breaking bad but because she doesnt like me taking the lords name in vain


Yeah, I guess so. I think that it would probably be a lot starker without the visceral thrill of the twists and cliffhangers being so well-executed in terms of making you desperate to see what happens next though. The biggest misstep for me at the time was the fact that the flash-forward twist negated a lot of the dramatic tension of the final season.


Aww, that’s lovely. I wish him nothing but happiness. He was so good in Game Night.


Has anyone mentioned the train heist episode?

Fucking hell, the train heist episode. Total highlight.


God there is nothing that annoys me more than people thinking that Walter deals drugs to pay for his medical treatments.


I’m not having this baseless Lost-trashing, it’s a peerless piece of long-form sci-fi. I fucking love Lost.


Absolute epitome of a show made significantly worse by American networks insisting you squeeze a premise that proves popular for every last drop of value. If it had been pared down to 2-3 seasons, you’d have one of the best pieces of suspense drama that’s ever been made. As is there’s huge amounts of cynical nothing in there, something which only becomes apparent once you rewatch it.

Also Todd aside I wasn’t having the neo-Nazis at all. Again, clearly a result of them running out of villains and needing something to scratch out another season.


I’m sure I read somewhere that they were initially thinking of making him even more unpleasant, but decided to reign it in a bit given where they wanted to take the narrative.

There’s a similar thing with the original pilot of The Office, where Brent is written even less sympathetically than in the actual series.


the ending to that episode is still one of the few times (outside of watching football) i’ve shouted “FUCKING HELL!” at the tv


Yeah I think the things that I found fun and good about it (the bombast, the cliffhangers, the silliness) are largely the same things that stopped me from absolutely loving it


I remember thinking after I’d seen it, just imagine sitting back and watching the final edit of that for the first time as someone who worked on it. You’d be so rightfully pleased with yourself.


if he becomes a butcher and they accidentally murder a guy, I’ll be v worried