📺 How Good Was it Really?: Chris Morris 📺

…And the Scottish Division One game between Taste of Dunfermline and Strathcarnage CANNOT BE STOPPED.


The only time I’ve been properly starstruck was standing behind Chris Morris in the queue at M&S. I wanted to just say something like “Hi Chris, you’ve made me laugh more than anyone else alive. Thanks for that. Hope you have a lovely day.” But I couldn’t bring myself to bother him.




Yeah I think as a snapshot it’s good.

I was reading about the downfall of babe.net
and I want to see tv do something good about organisations like that. Like if the last season of the wire got made now but without any of the police stuff.

think there’s an element of subservient British desire to fawn over posh people in it too. Posh guy mocks the establishment it’s given much more gravitas and credibility, like some kind of parallel to people’s fondness for Boris Johnson


Remember watching the Day Today once at the end of a party with the last stragglers, it got to the end of the episode and Morris says “And now, a quick look at tomorrow’s headlines”, and a guy absolutely cracked up, we asked him what he thought was so hilarious and he was like, “Don’t you get it - tomorrow’s headlines! So fucking surreal, ahahaha” and we had to explain that papers are printed late on the previous evening and shows like Newsnight do actually feature the next day’s front pages.


Portillo’s face felt like guts says child


He absolutely does.

Four Lions is a perfect example of managing to make you empathise with a group of people who are planning to commit an atrocity and expose their humanity. Who the else would even think to do that?

Almost all of his targets are punching upwards against authority, sensationalism and misinformation with the aim of exposing - through laughter and absurdity - how we’re all lied to and misled.

Very few things demonstrate concern for other people than exposing the absurdity of the powers that be as far as I’m concerned.


“night night, children”

I watched that, made me uncomfortable as I thought it was pretty racist or at least quoted by racists

Day Today - 5 (it’s war!)
Jam - 4 (Mr Lizard is one of the best sketches of all time)
Brass Eye - 5 (you’re wrong, and you’re a grotesque freak!)
Barley- 4
My Wrongs - 4

Fucking brilliant. Day Today and Brass Eye are two of the absolute best comedies there have ever been. I wanted to do a long post about this one but I’m ill and can’t really be bothered. I love it. I taped the Brass Eye special off the telly and when it was all over the news the next day I lent it out to people at school for a quid each.


Don’t think Chris Morris is particularly posh, unless we’re doing the “if you earn more than £30k you’re posh” thing.

private school educated mate

That’s on you then I’m afraid mate.


not really as I went to a comprehensive

I just saw he went to Bristol and instantly marked him as a lower social tier than me

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Looking forward to the How good was he really - @Bamnan edition.

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Read the book ‘Disgusting Bliss’ about him, it’s very interesting.


While this is probably true in general (media, politics etc), I had no idea Morris was posh (is he?) and still rate him highly regardless

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