📺 How Good Was it Really: David Simon Megathread 📺

Haven’t seen any of these.

I liked the book of homicide, of course, none of you philistines know about READING do you?

oh yeah I forgot they’re making more. i’d give it a high score if i could so far

It’s that place where pendulum play aye

Show me a Hero and Generation Kill are both amazing. 5/5 for me. Treme was ok.

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I loved Homicide Life the Streets. 5/5. Broke a lot of new ground, yet inexplicably got less attention than other (admittedly good) stuff around the same time e.g. NYPD Blue.

I missed the last ever episode of HLotS when it was broadcast on channel 4 - it had failed to ‘tape’ because they broadcast it later than advertised in the middle of the night.

So I posted on a fan forum offering to pay someone to send me a VHS of it, and some random guy just sent me one in the post, trusting me to send it back when I’d finished with it. It was one of my first experiences of people on the internet being nice IRL.

Treme was great but I can only give it a 4 because of the way it fizzled out. It was a bit like watching a test match - slow burn, long story arcs, but rewarding if you like character-driven stuff.

GK was also great - it was the first time I’d seen a depiction of the military where the combatants made extensive references to video games. As the name suggest, a big generational shift.

I should watch the other things really.

PS I also love David Simon’s twitter - it’s a swearing masterclass.


Alright mate, just meant jokey, you know I love you and these polls x

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Twin peaks the return below breaking bad ffs!!!

mutes forum


Gk 5/5
Smah 5/5
Hlots 5/5

Not seen the others, but prob should eh??

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Haven’t seen any of these, which one should I start with?

Could just wait until the polls close and check the ranking, but who knows when that’ll be, eh :wink:

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Generation Kill is short and I think it’s widely accepted as the closest to The Wire’s quality

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Anyone else come in here ready to give their hot takes on Graceland by the way?

generation kill is the crowning achievement imo

that scene where they’re beatboxing on the back of the APC while the camera pans across that burning iraqi city is shivers to me

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so many chilling scenes like this

think it’s a masterpiece

(it’s also very very funny)

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was also thinking about this just now:

My sweetheart since junior high dumps me and marries my best friend since junior high. And the best part about it? We’re still all friends. They’re that kind of happy couple that likes to hang photos of themselves all over their goddamn house. Sometimes I just go over there to see my ex-fiancee doing the things that I used to do with her with my best friend. [Smiling, now holding AR15] It’s nice having friends.

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havent seen any of these made up shows and didnt see the wallace and gromit thread. prob give 1 to all these shows and 6 to all wallace and gromits because wallace and gromit are the best things ever

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Show me a hero is a 5


Homicide is brilliant. I know a lot of people have this lazy attitude that if something isn’t on your chosen streaming platform then ‘oh well’, but seriously seek out a torrent or something, especially if you’re a fan of The Wire.

I actually find it kind of baffling that people aren’t running straight from one to the other.

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