📺 How Good Was it Really?: Deadwood 📺

I’d be happy to say this was the best TV thing (although there are other things I’d be happy to say that about too).

But I definitely didn’t like the first episode, and maybe the second (can’t remember so clearly these days).

Which is to say, well worth persisting with even if it doesn’t immediately ‘click’!

Took a while to click for me, I think episode 4 is where I really got into it.

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Never heard of it :eyes:

actually kinda weird to think that these days I probably wouldn’t have given it long enough to realise quite how could it was

this is interesting, I didn’t really like the first 2 episodes and haven’t gone back. The swearengen guy especially just really annoyed me

straight 5


Have never seen it but big fan of love joy so for him I’ll give it a 4

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arguably has more to say about capitalism and how society coheres (or fails to) than a certain other show too


It’s a 5 but, the way that Bullock says behoove (US spelling I believe) I think about at least once a month.

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It’s just tits and dragons.

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Yeah that’s fair, did it from memory. You cocksucker.


is there gonna be a boardwalk empire thread? weirdly feels like that show didn’t even happen now which is insane considering how expensive it was to make and how hyped everyone was for it back in 2009 or whenever

Never seen it, but thought this was excellent, if quite sad (and I’m sure even better if you are a fan):

yep it’s on the list :slight_smile:

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very accomplished person

I’m fascinated by the fact that he doesn’t actually “write” the scripts (in the sense that he sits and types them), he just sits there and acts them out. Feels like cheating tbh

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i like the cult vibe, of other writers gathered around typing out what he channels from the spheres

But also a bit:

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Very, very good indeed.

First series is 6/5, the others only 4.Think that rounds up to 5 overall.

Need to try and watch it again before spoiling it all with the film.

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Interesting. Watching this for the first time at the moment - currently halfway through season 2. Feel this season has been a big step up from the first, but maybe it declines from here?

Enjoying it a lot, even if it is all essentially just Lovejoy striding around shouting cocksucker.