📺 How Good Was it Really: F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 📺

Can you get muppet babies anywhere? Would be well up for giving that a rewatch. The seinfeld contest spoof!

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It’s funny watching the first season of Friends where Joey knows what The Unbearable Lightness of Being is and by the end of the series he could barely spell the word ‘of’


Such a waste of money. There are laws in place to make sure there’s never a time of day when you can’t catch a Friends marathon.

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Can we stick to Friends please

the Muppet babies is back! (in pog form)

creepy af (and who the bollocks is that duck)

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Friends obviously has a lot of issues, which are very obvious in hindsight and probably should have been obvious at the time too, and yes the characters are caricatures that can be hard to empathise with - but none of that is really the point for me, as a sitcom based around character-driven gag-writing it’s pretty untouchable (not seen Seinfeld though), it sets the standard for that kind of line-line-punchline format, and it does it consistently for ten years.

I’ve said before, but all these American network studio sitcoms are basically the same but reskinned - Friends, Frasier, BBT, whatever. Swap out the references and the setting and the character quirks and it’s the same muscle and skeletons underneath, and it’s hard to argue with the fact that Friends did it all the best.


Friends is actually a very highbrow tragi-comedy of an actor losing his mind


I would argue with that by saying it did it the worst

Frasier did it far better than Friends did


Oh really? I avoided that because it seemed like it was trying too hard to make the Muppets too ‘adult’ or whatever. But a Rizzo/Gonzo/Pepe flatshare sounds like the sitcom of my dreams.

Guys can we just acknowledge a blanket statement across the board for all 90s entrants that they’re problematic

The 90s was SUPER problematic in general, pretty much everything from that era has aged poorly from a political standpoint.


Leave Jurassic Park alone!


There are loads of CGI Muppet Baby shorts on Disney Life… annoyingly I don’t think there’s a function to just play through a series though, so we never watch them because I can’t be arsed to keep reselecting episodes.


That’s the one. Only three minutes long though.

think it took maybe 5/6 episodes to find its feet (and those first few episodes are ROUGH) but there’s some gold later on. If it had started that well there’s no way it would have been cancelled. And yeah, Rizzo/Pepe/Gonzo flatshare should be a sitcom all to itself.

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Any entrants more than 10 years old. At any given

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I started watching it from the start when it went on Netflix but I didn’t find it very funny and found it quite dull tbh, gave up halfway through season 2. Pretty sure it doesn’t hold up if you didn’t see it first time round :eyes:

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As a general rule though, those problematic shows aren’t canonised to the same extent and don’t still have the cultural cache they did at the time. Friends is still a behemoth.


Argggh my eyes!