📺 How Good Was it Really: F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 📺

i find it impossible to be serious most of the time but when i have a for real meltdown i am very serious angry man

hard to say, childhood trauma probably but also for my legacy

What would have been really good in the TV show The Friends would be if they just had added a seventh friend about six seasons in who had a really weird vibe about them but who the original cast seemingly loved and treated as if they’d always been there.


if you become the wacky funny person as I have done in the past you become a crutch for people and they devalue you, better to be relentlessly serious even if it means people dislike you

What on earth are you talking about?


like the other day one of my colleagues was making fun of another one for being bad at table tennis or something, and i sort of laughed and he thought i was laughing at the guy for being bad but i was actually laughing at the absurdity of the idea of being bad at table tennis being something that someone might care about. stuff like that i dunno


Like a Dawn Summers character?

I personally think it might be the worst thread of all time.


the bad lad out on the town laugh

What thread was this? I probably don’t want to go in it because it’ll only frustrate and annoy me…

What does taking HP too seriously even mean? A big part of the fun of any fandom is discussing possible motives of characters/taking it too seriously/going deep into it.


That’s funny.


what are we talking about?

the show friends?

Could it BE any worse?

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I don’t know who that is.

I’m talking about if it was someone who was really into lizards or something

It was a thread talking about those who try and make political allegories/metaphors/similes related to Harry Potter all the time, making it look like they’ve never read any other books.

It’s not worth reading.

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What it actually meant in the original context was people who relate everything to HP under all circumstances. Iirc the original example was someone at a restaurant talking at their date about it even though the other person said they weren’t interested in it. You know, like football fans do when they talk about the game last night.

No, it could not.

Go on, kick it over 1,000 posts